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by labnet (#47329245) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

. What a person does with their own body is not the government's business.

Well it does matter in the rest of the developed world that has socialised health care systems.

For example. Smoking in Australia, although not banned, is now incredibly invonvenient. The goverment banned all advertising; smoking in workplaces, all public enclosed spaces, outdoor eating places, street malls; jacked the price up to $20 a packet; hid the packets under counters; removed all branding from the packets themselves. Why? because the government (ie the tax payer, ie me) bears the burden of providing their health care. The same can be argued for huge serviving of HFCS drinks.

The trick is striking a balance between restricting an activity that reduces your lifespan and costs society $$ vs the individuals freedom.

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by labnet (#47320127) Attached to: Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

I'm suprised it took this far down the comments for such a basic mistake to be corrected.
For clarity these are correct ways to refer to power produced.

20GWh was produced over a one hour period.
The solar output peaked at 20GW.

Energy is measured in joules which is watts x seconds.
Power is measured in Watts which is volts x amps.
(yes there are other definitions, but this is in context)

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by labnet (#46898221) Attached to: Sony Tape Storage Breakthrough Could Bring Us 185 TB Cartridges

This is the backup system i eventually settled on.
First line of defence is is raid 6 running on ssd's on our hyper v server.
Second is altaro backup backing up our vm's to a nas drive running raid6
Third is shadow protect which runs on the domain/file server, to provide long term historical backups.
The altaro backups are copied to an offsite drive once per week.

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by labnet (#46885381) Attached to: Bloomberg's Trading Terminals Now Providing Bitcoin Pricing

We are against it because it can't grow or shink with the econmoic value it represents.
There will only ever be about double the bitcoins available as there are now. If the world switched to bit coins now, their value would have to hyperinflate creating economic carnage. Those of us that can see that want to warn the rest not to participate.
Bit coins are technologically clever but economically dumb.

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