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by labnet (#46687505) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Compute Module Release

You are one the money. Our company has done exactly this. An imx.287 with ram, rom, eth. Laid out on sodimm module. I did the layout and it took me 8 layers and plated in hole vias to do it. The hardest part of these designs is the impedance and length matching between cpu and dram.
The advantage of this design is being able to fit it too a 2 layer board, and upgrade cpu without having to change the baseboard.

Comment: Re:Is it not obvious? They have dirt on him! (Score 4, Insightful) 312

by labnet (#46679199) Attached to: Why No Executive Order To Stop NSA Metadata Collection?

I've read his autobiography. He is a political nobody, with no family of note, who was an average community organiser in Chicago, who happens to have brilliant oratory skills. That means he is bankrolled by someone very powerful, and thus will do what he is told.

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by labnet (#46672283) Attached to: Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power the Future

Which is why we need a pure peer to peer social messaging system. Call it torrents for facebook. There is no reason for centralisation of social data. Features like
- meta data and messaging data is spread around different peers as encrypted chunks so it can be rebuit on any new device you sign up to.
- grouping like google circles.
- expiry option on messages and images.

Perhaps there is already someone doing this?

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by labnet (#46645253) Attached to: USB Reversable Cable Images Emerge

It will most likely be similar to POE.
After negotiation (at 5v), a higher voltage up to 48v is supplied, or at least a voltage that allows the device to remain within SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) standards. At 48v, you are looking at around 2Amps, which is what existing USB cables can do.

One other point. Although micro USB is rated for lots of insertions, the overmould is too big and allows too much leverage on the socket which is breakeing sockets (way worse than breaing the cables plug).
Apple got this right with the thunderbolt connector in that the strain relief is very small so it is more difficult to transfer force to the device socket.

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It's the people, goddammit!

No, It's because Bitcoin is stupid.
It can't expand and shrink to fit economic use.
Money is convenient form barter and needs to represent the productive capital of its users and to remain stable for a given capital. (Eg an apple is worth 1 dollar from year to year, not 1 dollar today, then 10 dollars next week)
As more people use it, scarcity increases its value, making early adopters insanely rich. The crypto bit of bit coin may be sound, but it's economic utility is not.

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“This is the most transparent administration in history,” -- Barack Obama, February 2013

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." -- Napoleon, Animal Farm, by George Orwell

I read his autobiography. He is a nobody who came from Chicago, thus sombody owns hiss ass; I'm just not sure who.

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Which is called tinnitus.
If you put anyone in a sound proof room for long enough, they will eventually hear noises.
The most common form of tinnitus is a high pitch ringing and the most common source is now believed to be in neural cortex (related to memory and overactive neurone feedback) rather than the ear, although the original source is often a defect in ear mechanism, such as a loss at a certain frequency where the brain is attempting to compensate.
In my case, it is 24x7 for the last 15 years. I can hold a hair dryer up to my head and still hear it.
The only medically accepted treatments are habituation(TRT)/masking which is teaching your brain to break the fight/flight response.
There are other techniques that have variable results, such as xanax, hypnosis, vegas nerve stimulation, notched music, and playing tones either side of the tinnitus frequency.
I heard a quote recently that if you could hear pain, that would be the sound of tinnitus.

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Bit coin is stupid because it can't expand and shrink to fit economic use.
Money is convenient form barter and needs to represent the productive capital of its users and to remain stable for a given capital. (Eg an apple is worth 1dollar from year to year, 1 dollar today, then 10 dollars next week)
As more people use it, scarcity increases its value, making early adopters insanely rich. See the con.

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Finally, someone who gets it.
Bit coin is stupid.
Money supply needs to grow and contract depending on the number of users and the value they create.
Fixing the number bit coins made it a type of ponzi, where thee early adopters were bound to make a squillion as the supply side tightened. I have no symapthy for investors.

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98% of the functionality of these apps could have been done in a web page in '98.

Exactly this. I'm so sick of going to some special interest forum, only having the page hijacked by, would you like to install our app. Wtf. Apps are becoming like web urls, but not as convenient.

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Well you are getting warmer.(Well warmer than any of the other posts I've read yet)

There are only two ways to destroy a speaker.
Overpowering (99%+ of cases), and Mechanical failure due to cone overextension.
Speakers are rated in Watts (RMS) and appear like a resistor that varies a bit with frequency.
If you take a 1W(RMS) speaker and match it to a 1W(RMS) amplifier, there is still a chance you can damage the speaker by overdriving it with a square wave which has 1.4 times the energy of a sine wave.
Thus because VLC has 200% volume function, you could take a peaklimited song and clip it from a 'sine' to a 'square' wave and damage the speaker. Unlikely, but possible and good engineer would take this into account when designing the system.

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