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Comment: Re:This sentence from TFA says it all (Score 1) 86

by jedidiah (#47980405) Attached to: Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets

> Desktops are overvalued @200 dollars compared to cheap tablets with 2-4 cores and 1-2GB of ram for ~50 dollars...

Those desktops will still run circles around the tablets once you stray off the reservation. They are good at some very narrow tasks only. The moment you do something interesting that wasn't accounted for in the SoC, you are screwed.

Cheap tablets have to "outsource" any voice recognition to some server across the network.

The overvalued desktop can do that stuff on it's own.

A lot of ARM devices are pretty useless without some sort of mothership running a real CPU.

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by jedidiah (#47980361) Attached to: Now That It's Private, Dell Targets High-End PCs, Tablets

My all time least favorite name brand PC is actually Apple.

Of all of the brands I have dealt with, it is by far the most crapulent. My brand name PCs that are supposed to be so sh*tty just chug along and do their job until they become too obsolete to tweak anymore.

Plus, Macs are relatively untweakable relegating them to doorstop status quicker than some clone sh*tbox.

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HELL, there was an article about this last week talking about how vulture capitalists love to take over sensibly run companies and then trash them for short tern gain. By sensible, I mean that they own their own facilities. This means something like a restaurant chain owning their own buildings.

The vultures will come in, swoop down, sell off the real estate and set up lease back scams saddling the once well engineered company with ugly ongoing operating costs. The proceeds from the real estate sales will be sucked out by the vultures.

THAT is Wall Street.

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by jedidiah (#47977379) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?

Nope. If it's not in an area relevant to the kinds of jobs he's been applying for, that PhD might as well be in philosophy. Most employers are cheapskate dirt bags. They're already trying to undercut you with outsourcing and H1-Bs. You need to demonstrate that you're going to be valuable to them and a good value.

Having an overpriced degree undermines that. They don't care about your extra brownie points. They certainly don't want to pay extra for them.

There is also such a thing as being overqualified.

The whole "they resent my brilliance" attitude is a clear manifestation of this.

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If you are whining about US taxation rates you are clearly a poser that has never had any actual experience with this stuff. The US tax code specifically panders to corporations. The nominal rates are a pure fiction to distract ignorant RV dwelling GOP supporters.

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by jedidiah (#47974017) Attached to: Do Specs Matter Anymore For the Average Smartphone User?

Not quite. In 1981 there was already a microprocessor that could address 16M of RAM and used a flat relocatable address space. This microprocessor was used in a CONSUMER microcomputer only 3 short years later.

640k was not "supercomputer" territory by any stretch of the imagination.

That was the domain of mini-computers and that concept had already been shrunk to the size of a single integrated circuit.

There was already plenty of writing on the wall in 1981. You just have to bother to actually look for it (then or now).

Comment: Re:DAESH, not ISIL (Score 4, Insightful) 425

by jedidiah (#47973685) Attached to: US Strikes ISIL Targets In Syria


This works for every ism out there. That's why the "no true scottsman" fallacy is such a fallacy. You can only ever judge something by what it produces. This includes the battle of Tours, the siege of Vienna, and ISIL.

They are "muslim enough" to take and hold half of Syria and half of Iraq without being ejected from either by the native population.

Comment: Big fat red herring... (Score 3, Informative) 130

by jedidiah (#47964073) Attached to: Nobody's Neutral In Net Neutrality Debate

If streaming video is a problem for ANY one then it should be a problem for EVERY one. That's the basic idea of equality being fought about here. A natural monopoly should not be able to abuse it's position to sabotage competitors in different markets. This is also basic anti-trust.

The entire issue only exists because we tolerate (if not actively encourage) monopolies.

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>> Funny you should say that. Also how is that any different from registered mail or any other method where it's guaranteed that a message was sent.

> There's no proof that they were communicated with by merely posting to f.b.

With registered mail, there is proof. That proof is physical and is mailed back to you and is suitable for 3rd party verification. You can actually verify that the person that signed for it is the individual in question.

NONE of that exists for Facebook.

Posting something on Facebook is only vaguely like publishing it in the local newspaper (also bogus).

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SystemD and Upstart are both more complex and easier to screw up. That right there is enough good reason to stay well enough away.

if you want to redo the plumbing under the foundation, you first need to give good reason why the foundation needs ripped up. You don't get to do random nonsense and then explain yourself later.

This is just pretty basic change control.

Things equal to nothing else are equal to each other.