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Comment: Why not isolate the networks? (Score 2) 106

by kyouteki (#37409342) Attached to: Italian Hacker Publishes 0day SCADA Hacks
I used to work at a foundry that had a Rockwell SCADA system. It operated on a completely physically separate network from the normal, internet-facing corporate network. If somebody needed access to both the SCADA system and their email, they had two computers on their desk. For something not as critical as say, a utility, I think this was a bit of overkill (at least they could have used VLANs), but why is this not a semi-common practice? Why do these controls need to be on a network with a route to the internet?

Comment: Re:Marvel's "Origin" Series (Score 1) 464

by kyouteki (#27431067) Attached to: Wolverine Film Leaked a Month Before Release
That's exactly why I downloaded it.

But I've watched a few leaked workprints before. (Never of so high profile a movie.) And, well, allm y attention was drawn to the incomplete effects. Totally ruined the experience for me. So, I plan on keeping the Wolverine workprint and watching it after I see the movie theatrically.

+ - How to Attract Women to Enterprise IT Jobs-> 2

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evaron writes "Face it, women still want to have it all: Money, a family and a fulfilling career. And they don't want to wear pocket protectors. has an article arguing that enterprise IT jobs are the ticket. The looming baby-boom retirement wave makes it a great time for young women to choose careers in enterprise IT, says writer Laurie Orlov, but IT leaders, including advocates for women in technology, do a poor job explaining what the work really is. Orlov argues for a new pitch, emphasizing that corporate IT jobs pay well, offer flexible hours and "capitalize on women's greatest strengths-communication, collaboration and problem solving.""
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