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Comment: Re:It's supposed to be difficult (Score 1) 863

by kyofunikushimi (#29184631) Attached to: "Smart" Parking Meters Considered Dumb

Ah, "no excuse for accepting the status quo" is much better than the "no excuses for driving a car" that my brain interpolated from the first post. And you are right, there is no excuse for glibly accepting the status quo.

Still, though, I cannot phase out MY cars until there IS public transportation. Can't be done. Couldn't get to work. Couldn't get the kids to daycare. Couldn't get to the store.

Comment: Re:From the license... (Score 0) 419

by kyofunikushimi (#29119417) Attached to: Behind Menuet, an OS Written Entirely In Assembly
I suppose that is a legal grey area. If the author has not given you permission to read it, who's to say? Would likely have to let a court decide. If you find a book in the street and choose to translate it to a language you find to be more readable... well, that is POSSIBLY okay under fair use guidelines depending on a host of other factors (and once again, a court would have to decide if it actually qualified as fair use). But strictly speaking... you can't do that.

Comment: Re:Why are American Judges demanding so much money (Score 1) 231

by kyofunikushimi (#29091319) Attached to: Microsoft Trial Misconduct Cost $40 Million
OK, I've sat in front of a judge and had a sentence dictated to me. Unless the defendant is used to this sort of thing, really couldn't care less, currently on some pretty serious drugs, or trying to be a dick... I can't believe that they could be capable of involuntarily yawning at that particular point in time. But, in all fairness, maybe that's not the case for everyone.

Comment: Re:Why should PUBLIC records be behind a paywall? (Score 2, Informative) 145

by kyofunikushimi (#29065333) Attached to: Firefox Plugin Liberates Paywalled Court Records
Within reason, of course:

"In 2006, the fund received $447.8 million, but they could only figure out what to do with $301.2 million, the so-called âoeobligated balance.â In other words, they had a âoesignificant unobligated balanceâ of $146.6 million. At 8 cents per page for a PACER Document, they could give away 1.8 billion pages of documents to the public and still have all the money they need to pay for their computers."

See question/answer #9 in the Recycling FAQ for a nice graph and a source of that quote:

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