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Comment: Re:Other than the obligatory security theatre... (Score 1) 109

I wasn't one of the ones that called 911 but the booms from the sky were loud enough to make you stop whatever you were doing and wonder what bad thing had happened somewhere. Unforgettable if you've never experienced one before. I imagine this was because the fighters were coming in pretty low to be flying at that speed.

Comment: Re:Other than the obligatory security theatre... (Score 2) 109

by kylemonger (#48895847) Attached to: Bomb Threats Via Twitter Partly Shut Down Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport
Yes, I really do think they would shoot it down. If the plane strays then it means the pilot is either not in control or not obeying instructions from the air traffic control. Either one of those conditions will tighten enough sphincters on the ground that the kill order will be given if they fail to repsond to enough radio hails. They scrambled a couple of fighters to deal with a float plane in restricted airspace back in 2010. I'd heard military jets howling overhead many times, but I'd never heard a sonic boom (except on TV) before that day.

Comment: Re:Good news (Score 1) 418

by kylemonger (#48886939) Attached to: Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts
TNG got better in the second second, years before Roddenberry died. The episode "The Measure of a Man" was when I knew the series had turned a corner in its writing and that aired in early 1989. The writers strike cast a pall over the end of season 2 but overall it was worlds better than the stinkaroo first season. As for Star Wars, there's a trove of stories and characters to be mined from the extended universe of Star Wars books and comics. Lucas will be a good consultant to sort the good from the not so good in that morass. Given how many times he's re-edited the old films I can't really believe Lucas' hand will ever be all the way out.

Comment: Re:Good news (Score 3, Informative) 418

by kylemonger (#48886769) Attached to: Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts
I agree. IMO the complaints about the prequels were fueled primarily by nostalgia about the original movies, remembering the delight of seeing them as a child. I rewatched the original trilogy as an adult and wasn't nearly so enchanted. That shouldn't be surprising. These are all children's movies; we grew up. Lucas' movies didn't change so much as we did.

Comment: Re:Still waiting for the obvious (Score 2) 192

by kylemonger (#48854407) Attached to: Samsung's Advanced Chips Give Its Cameras a Big Boost

It came and went; you missed it (sort of).


The closest thing to your idea that actually existed was the Digital Modul R back for Leica R8 and R9 SLRs. Even this was a white elephant compared to Canon's full frame cameras at the time. Photographers would buy a Canon 1-series camera and take a Dremel to the mirror so they could fit Leica R lenses on it, rather than deal with the Modul R.

Comment: Re:Large TV, hight contrast (Score 1) 63

Don't put all legally blind people into the same box. I find pretty much any tablet a delight to use. I'm extremely near-sighted (20/200 in the *good* eye) but I can put the tablet as close to my face as I need. Pinch/spread zooming works for the sites with hideously small fonts, provided the stupid site doesn't disable it (I'm talking about you, Three finger double tap and drag works for those. iOS on an iPad has worked very well for me, but I've used other normal sized tablets (9-10 inch diagonal) without significant difficulty.

Comment: Re:Then we need plausable means to deny the key (Score 1) 329

Well, yeah, KSM earned every morsel of agony he enjoyed at the hands of the CIA. But even when he didn't have any information, they kept on torturing him. These are the same bastards who'll come for you and me if they think our communications are linked with some kind of national security threat. You want to have something to tell them when you've finally had a bellyful of pain? Or do you want to hope that the twentieth time is the charm when you tell them that you really, REALLY can't remember that password? The law is no impediment to these sick people.

Comment: Re:Then we need plausable means to deny the key (Score 1) 329

Let's hope they believe you've forgotten the keys before they intermittently pour water down your nostrils for a few days. Plausible deniability only works well if you're dealing with people whose actions are constrained by reason and the law. Ask KSM how not knowing the answer to some questions worked for him.

Comment: Re:Start with Venus... (Score 2) 319

by kylemonger (#48770965) Attached to: How Close Are We To Engineering the Climate?
It's too late to be worried about experimentation; we're already experimenting on this planet. All they are talking about is more experimentation on top of what we're already doing by digging naturally sequestered carbon out of the ground and releasing it by the gigaton into the atmosphere. At least now there are people paying attention to the results of the experimentation.

Comment: Re:Now THAT would be interesting (Score 1) 463

by kylemonger (#48733321) Attached to: Writer: How My Mom Got Hacked
They already have access to the machine, address book, etc. so they don't even need to offer the rebate for that. They should reserve the rebate for infections they could not get themselves, like putting the malware on a memory stick, walking it to someone else's computer and manually launching the ransomware.

Comment: Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 234

by kylemonger (#48701323) Attached to: NSA Says They Have VPNs In a 'Vulcan Death Grip'
And if they knew how to factor large integers efficiently they certainly would not tell us, since we'd all immediately move to ciphers unrelated to factoring integers. The NSA has no reason to tell us how great their cracking tools are. So if they are bragging, it's because they are trying to scare us off something that works and onto something that doesn't.

Comment: Re:Home of the brave? (Score 5, Insightful) 589

by kylemonger (#48622755) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release
If they launch an attack on the U.S., North Korea can kiss their asses goodbye and they know it. They can threaten Sony and get away with it, because public corporations are cowardly by nature. But it is a whole other thing to kill Americans in a terrorist attack today. Iraq is still living in butthurt due to 9/11 and they weren't even involved. Sony should have released the film and called North Korea's bluff.

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