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Comment: Kneejerk reaction (Score 1, Insightful) 299

by kyjl (#28936353) Attached to: Ads Retroactively Added To <em>Wipeout HD</em>, Soon Others

./'s reaction has 'kneejerk' all over it. Fox News kneejerk.

Games have had in-game advertisements for YEARS and nothing bad has ever come from it. Some as blatant as in WipEout HD. Some games even paid the companies to advertise in the games - Guitar Hero and Rock Band jog your memory a bit?

Hell, if anything WipEout is a fantastic example. Ever since the first one came out on the PSX it was inundated with in-game advertisements for stuff like Red Bull and other Psygnosis games. This was before the internet was put on console games, now it's no different (only now the advertisements can change - OH NO THE WORLD'S GONNA END WE GOTTA PROTEST SONY BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT).

Calm the fuck down everyone.

Comment: Re:Admin interface open on the WAN side? (Score 1) 272

by kyjl (#27307315) Attached to: Botnet Worm Targets DSL Modems and Routers

I've yet to see a router - enterprise, consumer or otherwise - that does enable that out-of-box and frankly it would be STUPID as SHIT to do that. But it does have it's uses.

My Tomato'd WRT54GL originally had outside web access via SSL as my roomie didn't have a laptop and he wanted to do work over at his girlfriend's place often. The ports were already ready to go for SSH and whatnot, just he left his Mac to go to sleep after 30 minutes or some such nonsense. He'd log in to the router, WOL, wait a minute, then he'd be ready to go. While we don't get metered for power usage (on-campus apartments, WOO!) it saved some power.

After he got his MBP and scrapped the iMac he never had a use for remote access but I never bothered to turn it off. Now that I found out about this worm I turned it off fast as Hell.

"Consequences, Schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich." -- Looney Tunes, Ali Baba Bunny (1957, Chuck Jones)