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Comment: Re:I'll never give up incandescents. EVER. (Score 4, Insightful) 328

by kybred (#49247561) Attached to: New Crop of LED Filament Bulbs Look Almost Exactly Like Incandescents

Don't you mean there are cheaper methods of heating than resistive heating? Because as far as I can tell, resistive heating is 100% efficient. Incandescents convert some fraction of the input energy to visible light. Almost all of the rest is emitted as heat. And if there was no light emitted, a resistive element is nearly 100% efficient.

No, he means more efficient:

In electrically powered heat pumps, the heat transferred can be three or four times larger than the electrical power consumed, giving the system a coefficient of performance (COP) of 3 or 4, as opposed to a COP of 1 for a conventional electrical resistance heater, in which all heat is produced from input electrical energy.

Translation: If your heating is all electric, with resistive heating you get a watt of heat per watt of electricity. With a heat pump you get more that one watt of heat per watt of electricity.

Comment: Re:Yes, but one every two years. Christmas vacatio (Score 1) 115

by kybred (#48661803) Attached to: Apple Pushes First Automated OS X Security Update

Had I done that, and had "allow automatic updates" turned off, my machine would have been been vulnerable for two weeks until I came back. I'm glad this one was automatically installed, while al of the other lower-priority updates have always awaited my approval.

I would imagine that the timing of this is one reason why it was pushed this way. As you point out, a lot of machines would be unattended until after New Year's and would be patched until then.

Comment: Re:So offer a cost effective replacement (Score 1) 185

by kybred (#48007697) Attached to: Security Collapse In the HTTPS Market

Which kinda suck for use as a recurring payment method.

No they work quite well. When you setup the 'one-time' use number, you specify that it is for recurring charges. When the first charge hits it, the number is bound to that vendor. Any charge to that number from a different vendor will be rejected. This can cause a problem for some vendors that change card processors after you've set one of these up.

Comment: Re:Your employer (Score 1) 182

by kybred (#47966365) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who Should Pay Costs To Attend Conferences?

Often the conferences have sessions on lessons learned, best practices, etc that can really help. The *one* time I went to a conference I made sure to bring back lots of notes on the sessions and to spread them out to my co-workers. They didn't get to go to the conference, but they still got some benefit from it. If management sees that kind of thing, they might be more willing to send someone, maybe rotating the person that gets to go.

Comment: Re:I hope Toyota doesn't write the software (Score 1) 51

by kybred (#47875095) Attached to: Toyota and Tesla May Work Together Again

The EE Times article is from 2013. Barr analyzed the source code and found numerous problems:

Having spent more than 18 months going in and out of the secure room to study Toyota's code, Michael Barr, CTO of the Barr Group, put together an 800-page report analyzing the 2005 Camry L4's software. On the witness stand, he walked a jury step by step through what the experts discovered in their source-code review. According to Barr's testimony, that review revealed:

        Software bugs that specifically can cause memory corruption

        Unmaintainable code complexity in Toyota's software

        A multifunction kitchen-sink Task X designed to execute everything from throttle control to cruise control and many of the fail-safes

        That all Task X functions, including fail-safes, are designed to run on the main CPU in the Camry's electronic control module

        That the brake override that is supposed to save the day when there is an unintended acceleration is also in Task X

        The use of an operating system in which there is no protection against hardware or software faults

        A number of other problems

Single bit flips can also be caused by memory corruption, not to mention tasks crashing.

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