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Comment Re:Contagiousness (Score 1) 475

Furthermore HIV is similar to Ebola and it has never become airborne. Even in the laboratory conditions when they tried to make it airborne it lost its lethality. For a virus to gain a function it usually loses a function too. In the last 100 years no known virus has gone from being contact transmission (including droplets - still fluids just traveling a short distance through the air) to "airborne" transmission via aerosols (dry virus floating in the air).

Comment Re:Price difference? (Score 1) 65

15 days faster! Speed costs you money... (MAVEN launched November 18th, 2013, MOM launched November 5th 2013 and will get there Tuesday EST, two days after MAVEN)

Also the MAVEN has state-of-the-art science on board - this isn't our first dance with Mars. MOM is more of a test bed to prove ISRO has the launch facilities and technology to send interplanetary probes, now they can vie for more ambitious projects.

Comment Re:It's not really that bad (Score 1) 221

No, it was more like 77% in Guinea back in May when it was almost controlled - no new cases for two weeks in the two major treatment centers - and with new cases getting quickly identified and taken to treatment there was a better chance for survival. Liberia has never been getting proper treatment and monitoring, the people are resisting or running, and all beds are taken at the few facilities they do have and have been turning away obviously symptomatic patients for three weeks.

Don't fall into the trap of dividing the number of currently known cases by the number of currently known dead. There is a 9-14 day window before death or recovery is for certain. If you divide the most recent numbers for death by 14 days ago cases the result is more like 70-80% depending on which of the three countries you look at.

Comment Re:almost as good as UPS! (Score 1) 69

That's cause they ASSUMED that Amazon Prime would get there as normal when any sane person would know better. If they really HAD to have it they could have upgraded to 1 Day Delivery and a warning should have been on the website after Friday. Blame this on Bezos and his website, not UPS.

Comment Re:Mozilla gives middle finger to enterprise again (Score 1) 205

So I found out from our enterprise group that JRE 6u31 will get pushed out to all the workstations later in April. I guess we either aren't that alarmed by our exposure to this vector or we just found out about how dangerous it is and this is the soonest week available that doesn't have other M$, Adobe or Symantec junk pushing.

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