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Comment: Re:Look out anyone who is married! (Score 5, Interesting) 277

by kwoodard (#36928396) Attached to: House Panel Approves Bill Forcing ISPs To Log Users
By the way, you should also know "Patriot Act" intercepts are starting to show up in divorce court. People should read the text of the proposed statute carefully to note whether the data can only be use for "criminal investigations" (e.g., terrorism) or "all lawful government purposes" (e.g., divorce).

Corporations Hiring Hooky Hunters 610

Posted by samzenpus
from the taking-a-personal-detective-day dept.
No longer satisfied with your crinkled doctor's note, a growing number of corporations are hiring "Hooky Detectives." Private investigator Rick Raymond says he's staked out bowling alleys, pro football games, weddings and even funerals looking for people using sick days. From the article: "Such techniques have become permissible at a time when workers are more likely to play hooky. Kronos, a workforce productivity firm in Chelmsford, Mass., recently found that 57 percent of salaried employees take sick days when they're not sick — almost a 20 percent increase from statistics gathered between 2006 and 2008."

Comment: By the way, this also applies to attorneys (Score 1) 209

by kwoodard (#33186686) Attached to: Microsoft & Intel Get a Pass On Higher H-1B Fees
By the way, this also applies to firms that bring in foreign attorneys. Reference recent NY Times article. My thought is that unemployed attorneys might be more politically active than unemployed IT developers.

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