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Comment nutritional value (Score 1) 174

What's the definition of "nutritional value" so that this has "twice" as much as kale? The proportion/mass of certain vitamins and minerals is not the whole story. Some foods prevent absorption of certain things like iron or calcium, and just because one or another thing has twice the iron for example doesn't mean it's twice as nutritional.

Comment Re:because Millenials are attentionwhores? (Score 1) 131

I think this is where things are headed. A Twitch streamer interacting with the chat room is like a step beyond Youtube with static comments, web/email forums, IRC/instant messaging. Twitch or something like it will probably expand beyond games, maybe not to general streams like, but to entertainment generally. Like the other day a gamer was pointing out how it could be cool if someone could stream a movie and the chat is doing their trolling thing through the movie.

I try to imagine what's beyond that. Rather than a mostly-one-person broadcast with interaction with the anonymous text that is the chat, maybe more like you see sometimes with role-playing streams where there are 5 people on screen, except now the entire chat can somehow feature on the stream (obviously there are difficulties with that). A kind of virtual pub, I guess. Maybe that's not much different than MMOs, though.

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