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Comment: Re:What about my right to search? (Score 1) 178

"There is no such right, except in your imagination." Only an idiot could possibly imagine a world where people do not have the right to gather information. Learning is a fundamental human right. I know that many Marxist and Mohammed based dictatorships disagree but that does not change the fact.

Further, we can make a much better argument that the "right to be forgotten" is much more a figment of the imagination.

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Yeah, I've heard of it. In the US it means that the separate branches of government don't have a DIRECT influence over each other. They still have an indirect influence. The legislative branch legislates (creates law), the executive branch has a chance to reject the law (veto) which can be overridden. The executive branch then enforces the law and the courts determine whether the executive overstepped. The executive also enforces court rulings.

So, in the US the court is a branch of government, not all that different than an "agency". Judges are acting on behalf of the government which is one definition of "agent" so saying that an agent works for an agency still fits.

Has the EU privatized their judicial branches?

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Seriously, you think that because the Nazis said the Jews lived like rats in filthy houses that Jews started living like rats in filthy houses? You are seriously screwed up. Certain idiots (apparently thaylin included) may have begun to believe such statements "as if they were true" but they certainly did not become true statements just because they were oft-repeated.

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And google does not hold the information, they index the information and point you to the site holding the information.

"Note that your personal right to remember is completely unaffected. You are not required to forgot or remove information from your personal web site." Which is very much affected when nobody can see that information because it cannot be indexed.

I've read comments suggesting that newspapers are exempt from this law. Every newspaper I've ever heard of is a commercial enterprise. Why are they not required to remove such information from their indexes? This really does seem to be the EU trying to hold back US based commercial enterprise while allowing EU commercial enterprises to continue on.

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by kwbauer (#47546691) Attached to: Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE

I guess I've always viewed the contract period as the time during which things shouldn't change and, personally, would not be upset if they no longer wanted to continue providing a plan after the contract expired. I agree that it is completely wrong for them to alter the terms mid-stream. I live in a small town and have been served by only two carriers: a very small regional (Element Mobile, within Wisconsin only) and a larger regional (US Cellular, portions of surrounding states as well). Verizon just moved in and Element seems to be in the process of selling to AT&T. Element formed around 3 years ago when Alltel was sold to Verizon and took Alltel's customers. The majority of those customers left and went to US Cellular as soon as they could because Element's service was so bad. they couldn't even charge the ETFs because they were unable to fulfill their end of the contract for most data plan coverage and such. As the fixed some issues, they started offering unlimited plans to attract customers. I've talked to Element customers who were told they were free to leave without ETF because Element was terminating their unlimited plan less than a year into a 2-year contract. That is totally wrong. Terminating after a contract is over, not so much in my book.

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