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Comment Re:How could the Earth heat it? (Score 1) 96

Wait, I thought that everything ever published that tells us exactly how evolution happened is totally accurate? Is someone suggesting that there might be some minor mistakes in those textbooks? What's next? Are we going to hear some nonsense about the global warming models not quite predicting today with 100% accuracy?

Comment Re:Freedoms (Score 1) 39

They don't. They just think that transparency is helpful in the situation you are citing.

For instance, if every newspaper (or social media site) leaned far right and then people cited the the lack of any left-leaning voices in those forums as evidence of a lack of left-leaning people at all, wouldn't left-leaning people really like at least one group to call foul and point out that maybe some censoring is happening and that there really are left-leaning folks around? How about the reverse situation?

What the EFF is saying is, you can censor and we'll let people know that you are censoring. Are you really claiming that people have no right to know if these large organizations are engaged in censorship?

Comment Re: Do you know what else they censored? (Score 1) 39

It is true that those companies are private entities and are not prevented by the First Amendment (US Constitution) from censoring. However, they can engage in censorship and it can be very harmful to society.

Let's examine what would happen if the leadership of Facebook and Google were conservatives and those companies actively prevented anti-gun, pro-abortion and anti-gay marriage posts from being widely seen (or seen at all). Could that shape the debate within the US?

So, if it would be wrong for them to do that, why is it okay for them to lean the other way and censor pro-gun, anti-abortion, etc. content?

Hint: If you think it is wrong when done to you, you should also think it is wrong when done to somebody else.

Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 284

Isn't that really the point? Add in so many rules and regulations so that eventually the government can change the management (and ownership) of a company at any time for any number of reasons. Communism, fascism, medieval feudal system, they are basically all the same under different names and the basically all mean that everybody works for the government and buys everything from the government.

Comment Re:Never going to work (Score 1) 111

While i disagree with GP on some of his points and tone, his overall question and point is valid.

"There is no solution."

And the US government really cannot be trusted any longer. Neither can any other government as they have all grown to the point that none really seem to be always acting in the best interests of citizens/subjects.

Comment Re:Even bigger question (Score 1) 249

Openly published research that can convince truly great scientists.

Not fudged data using hidden methods and "just trust the smart people because 100% of them are in agreement." Because, you know, there are many smart people not in agreement.

The person who convinced the rest of the smart people that a couple of other smart people were onto something with this quantum stuff is definitely a smart man and he says that AGW is bullshit.

Comment Re:the type of situation (Score 1) 104

This is actually hilarious. Here we have a thread admitting that the Republican party is actually standing up for Constitutional Rights and the left is claiming that standing up for Constitutional Rights is a racist thing to be doing.

There you have it, folks. Demanding that the law be followed and not being willing to have your rights trampled is now racism. Anything a politician or their appointees dream up is the correct thing.

God help us all.

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