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Comment Re:There are good reasons for gvt bureaucracy, rem (Score 1) 273

So, when any employee of any company sits down on their desktop (for this context, laptop is equivalent to desktop) computer and writes up a memo or white paper or some guidance to a group in word_processor_here> have they A) done nothing valuable for the company or B) violated your rule?

Let me guess, you sell mainframes for a living.

Comment Re:Ya, right (Score 4, Informative) 277

I am willing to agree that what you say about LEOs having no extra power should be the law every but it is not. No state has a problem issuing LEOs with very effective tools for inflicting deadly force. Only 32 of those states are willing to allow all non-felons to exercise that same right. Two of them (including DC) are unwilling to allow any non-LEO the ability to lawfully exercise that right. So, no, in practice, there is a huge divide between LEO and non-LEO in regards to the use of deadly force.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 57

Wait, why is someone who buys an electronic armband for the purpose of monitoring their heartrate and tracking their jogging route not already aware of the fact that it monitors their heartrate and tracks their jogging route?

What's next, requiring car manufacturers to publicize the fact that the car might actually move you from one place to the next?

Comment Re: Showed too much of his hand (Score 1) 458

Officers as in "Officers of the United States" which traditionally was interpreted as Executive Branch employees and then Congress re-interpreted to mean Executive Branch employees and elected officials. So, I guess Congress could hold a non-binding referendum to have people nominate someone who is already in one of those categories. I guess we could day exactly the same thing for every decision that Congress makes or we could just have them do what they were elected to do and make decisions on their own on our behalf. IOW, we either have a Congress or we don't; we shouldn't have a Congress in some situations and not in others.

And who gets to be in charge while we run this small election? Nobody? Mighty Polyanna of you to think that no foreign government might take advantage of such a situation.

Comment Re:Showed too much of his hand (Score 2) 458

I have actually read the official Citizens United opinions. The majority opinion did state that ruling against Citizens United would have resulted in exactly what I stated because there exists no rational way to distinguish Mother Jones as a corporation from NBC from GE from Citizens United. Nobody on the left seems to want to stifle the speech of the first three in that list but all four are corporations.

Comment Re:We are rapidly getting to a point where it's... (Score 1) 161

And we should also hold manufacturers accountable because they build cars in such a way that it is possible to drive them with worn out tires and bolt stuff on to them that might cause a problem. We all know that making car bodies out of materials that the common person can drill through or weld or glue onto is just asking for trouble.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 1) 392

"That sign's not going to stop a [burglar]" and yet we have many people who actually believe they are safer in a business that puts up a sign requesting that their law-abiding customers not bring in their legally owned but completely hidden firearms. My wife was a teller at a bank and she had coworkers who actually believed they would never face an armed robbery because the bank was posted "No Weapons." Even when the police officer the bank brought in to do some training about active shooter and other situations publicly told the employees and management that posting was useless, they didn't change their mind.

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