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Comment Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 688 688

I guess you chose a much worse company than I did; not that I really chose mine as I've just been staying with the one my parents were with when i started on their insurance at 16. 30+ years later and they've never given me a reason to leave them and yes, the service charge was $1.5 US per month.

Comment Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 688 688

Well, you made a claim that a $500 premium ends up costing $1000 when paid monthly. That would be ~$83 per month in fees ( 1000 - 500 = 500, 500 / 6 = 83.33). My experience shows that the monthly fee for paying monthly is $1 - $2. 1x6 500 and 2x6 500.

What are you talking about?

Comment Re:First Book Is Still Solid (Score 1) 234 234

The no-ship in Chapterhouse was associated with a crashed Guild freighter. A crashed freighter that had happened at some time in the past was mentioned prior to Chapterhouse but no details. The no-ship was never mentioned until Chapterhouse. Since Ix had been taken over the Tlielaxu long before the time of Dune, the no-ship had to have been built before the time of Dune.

Comment Re:First Book Is Still Solid (Score 2) 234 234

For me, Heretics was a struggle and Chapterhouse was unreadable until after I read the House books. It was in the House books that some of the technology that seemed to come out of nowhere in Chapterhouse was introduced and then it fit in. They weren't as well written as the original books, but the House series did do a nice job of filling in much of the backstory.

Comment Re:That's still exactly what it was (Score 1) 234 234

I suppose you are referring to the Rocky Mountain region of the US where it has always been illegal to divert the rains from the rivers to an extent that you are withholding more than the allotment accompanying the title to your land. Small-scale wars were fought over this. Read history, it really does have more to it than "white people were mean to non-whites" and "men were mean to women."

Comment Re:Preening Progressive Prius Pricks (Score 1) 688 688

Whatever, I'll pay $6k - $12k more for my next truck than "the market" would suggest because of those "subsidies" you mention. I need a truck to pull certain things that are heavy and it is simply is not feasible to do that and achieve 40 MPG so my truck price will include a penalty to the government for not meeting that standard. Exactly where is this subsidy you mention? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

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