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Comment Re:Oh God (Score 1) 268

This very closely aligns with what I was taught about an omniscient God and agency (pretty much the same concept as free will but it carries the connotation that your choices do have consequences). Basically, as an omniscient being operating on a higher plane, God knows us and how will will react and respond, so he knows the choices we will make. However, we operate on a lower plane and don't all that until after we have been in situations and see for ourselves (and prove to ourselves) how we react and respond. It is very similar to how parents who pay attention to their children can generally predict quite well what a kid will do in a certain situation and will let the kid make the choices and learn.

Comment Re:Say what? (Score 2) 392

The way the emissions laws are written encourages what VW did. VW would have been just fine had their engines always operated under the "test" settings and they would have produced more pollutants per gallon of fuel burned. US emissions just want a certain percentage of stuff in the tailpipe. Use up power by turning a fan to push "clean" air into the tailpipe instead of having only exhaust go in and you are fine.

Comment Re:Manipulate people opinions (Score 1) 133

Actually, no. The cause is not enough exercise/work. You can eat as many calories as you want as long as you expend enough energy to compensate, anything less makes you fat.

See how easy it is too justify the exact opposite. I can actually say that my version is more accurate to real life because you eventually reach a point where you are spending so much time expending energy that you cannot consume more calories and the system can reach equilibrium. You cannot go the other direction and expend so little energy that you can eat nothing. Besides, sitting on your ass all day and eating almost nothing will have its own consequences (poor circulation, bed sores, atrophied muscles, etc) whereas leading an active lifestyle generally prevents those problems.

As for the rest of your post... yogurt makes people to gluten sick because it contains glue? WTF. Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in many whole grains (whole grains are good for us, right?). It has nothing to do with glue.

At the end, human gullibility and idiocy may mean that unless it is forbidden some will abuse it. Ah yes, the old "we know better and must protect the ignorant from themselves" routine. IOW, let's treat everyone as a slave lest they harm themselves.

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