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Comment: Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 63

by kwbauer (#47721595) Attached to: Plan Would Give Government Virtual Veto Over Internet Governance

No but civilizations always work to make commerce more efficient and the internet is obviously a great way to do that. What next, complaints about people using the postal system to transact commerce.

No, I guess you are correct. Those of us who live in smaller towns should not be able to take advantage of the larger shops and choices without actually driving to the "big city" and we should be getting all of our entertainment the old-fashioned way by driving to the live theater.

Comment: Re:So ... (Score 1) 213

by kwbauer (#47675659) Attached to: How to Maintain Lab Safety While Making Viruses Deadlier

Maybe that has to do with the government of Iran having, for decades, repeatedly called for the total annihilation of another country. Have US administrations been doing that?

Maybe we can actually say that the stated intentions of a countries leaders can be used against that country and don't need to be ignored.

Maybe we can actually and honestly say that some countries simply can't be trusted to the same extent that others can be and that the US really is not as evil as certain misguided assholes believe.

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