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Comment: Re: I use my phone... (Score 1) 324

by kwbauer (#47901185) Attached to: Technological Solution For Texting While Driving Struggles For Traction

Yes, while driving. I, like many others, have mastered the art of talking/chewing while walking/driving. I have called to report drunk drivers and had I waited until a place I could pull off the road, my information would have been useless nor would I have been able to continue to report the location to the 911 operator when she called back to ask for updates.

Comment: Re:Ask the US Postal Service (Score 1) 124

Not exactly true. Bank managers generally do trust the tellers but have to have all kinds of systems in place as a requirement for being insured. It is a CYA because the ones that will hurt you the most are the ones you trust. Banks could lose far more to a teller stealing from them than they ever could from an off-the-street robber. Further, much of the surveillance is also to protect the teller from the dishonest customer. Having a video record of what the teller hands the customer helps keep customers from invalid claims of having been shorted. It also helps when legitimate mistakes are made such as a busy teller handling to different drive-up lanes and losing focus and sending each lane the other lanes money. I've had a bank teller tell me about the video being used for all three situations: dishonest employee, dishonest customer and employee mistake.

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by kwbauer (#47901063) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Well, the term "theoretical" explains that they are dealing less with facts than they are with speculation. The sad part is that most theoretical physicists probably do remember that but some of the more vocal ones want to be celebrities (or have become to enamored by their own specialness) so they act like their speculations are facts and far too many then believe that their speculations are speculations instead of facts. Just reading slashdot is plenty of proof of that.

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