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Comment Re:Thank the Lord... (Score 0) 292

You are aware that we have always had "extreme" weather events and will continue to have extreme weather events in the future.The prediction of more extreme weather included a far larger number of storms and with that far larger number more reaching the States. Neither materialized. That is, the number of extreme weather events in the Atlantic did not increase.

Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 1) 331

Even if we treated ISPs as utilities, they could still differentiate data just like this. Utilities are allowed to differentiate between residential and commercial customers for rates, water utilities are allowed to charge different connection rates depending on whether the hookup is for indoor use or just outdoor use, etc.

Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 1) 331

"why should they have any say over what you do with it?" Because they are responsible for maintaining a network that services more than just one person and they have a general idea what individuals can do with smartphones so they design and sell data plans based on that assumption. They have a say because they own the infrastructure that they are leasing (in general terms) to their customers.

Why should a landlord have any say about what you do in your apartment or how many of your friends, family and acquaintances you have living with you, as long as you pay the rent? Maybe because all your neighbors have expectations about traffic (foot or otherwise) and noise and the landlord has expectations about water usage and such and it is easier to set a reasonable expectation of usage based on a number of occupants than to write contracts differently.

Bottom line is that if you wanted unlimited tethering data, then T-Mobile was not the provider to go with.

Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 2) 331

Except the contract did say that "data is not data" because it differentiated between data destined to stay on the phone and data just passing through the phone to another device. Data may just be data for some purposes, but for the purpose of being in compliance with a signed T-Mobile contract, it appears that it is not.

Comment Re:You keep using that word. I don't think it mean (Score 1) 331

"This in a relatively sparsely populated country" That is the key right there. Populated enough to justify the cost of towers yet sparse enough that the towers won't be overburdened. As for special subsidies... Do the providers own or lease the land the towers sit on? Does the government? Does the government help out with tower siting and such or are the providers completely on their own?

Comment Re:3 billion buildout 1.2 million served? (Score 1) 199

How about the opposite... what the hell are those dimwit democrats thinking giving taxpayer money to all those subsidized housing dwelling lazy-ass SOBs who are unwilling to take all those "jobs Americans don't want so we have to allow illegal immigrants to swarm the borders." They want food so bad they can take that job they don't want or starve.

Most of those out on the edges where this infrastructure is going are out there so they can grow the food you keep stuffing yourself with. Are you so damn stupid that you think food magically plants and harvests itself?

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