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Comment Re:Not agreeing with it but... (Score 1) 179 179

Schwa? I run my ownCloud on a 1.5Mbit DSL line and it takes virtually no time for anything to sync around my three desktop clients when I upload something (They're all remote to the server). Files even start coming down before the upload finishes if there are more than one. And I'm talking about everything from single-page PDFs (400K) to digital camera pictures (2-8MB) and music files (3-10MB). And downloads happen quickly when I am using the Android client (Limited by line speed). What are you syncing, full distro ISOs?

Comment Re:Interesting they keep doing lengthly reviews... (Score 1) 305 305

This! Very much this!

The last three versions of OS X have broken critical work programs for the vast majority of people in my company. It has gotten to the point where Helpdesk warns people to NOT install the new OSX until Helpdesk have had a chance to go over it closely and if you do, and if you have any problems whatsoever, your computer will be taken, wiped, and reverted to the previous stable version of OS X.

Comment Re:Local storage (Score 3, Informative) 635 635

If you're going to do that, at least use IMAP (Unless you're a Comcast customer, in which case, you have my condolences). IMAP lets you keep mail on the server and even organize it, rather than just having one huge Inbox. I use it on two desktops, a laptop, a smartphone, two Android tablets, and a webmail client (RoundCube).

Comment Better QWERTY Phone? (Score 1) 291 291

Okay, so the question becomes: What is a better QWERTY phone? He mentions T-Mobile by name, but even better if it runs on all networks. The single requirement is a hardware QWERTY keyboard.

Yeah, I know, almost no one uses a hardware keyboard anymore, it's all on-screen and autocorrect now. But some of us don't like on-screen keyboards and some people do more than poke the Like/+1/retweat button.

Comment Re:Keepass (Score 1) 445 445

Same here. I use KeePassX, other members of my team use KeePass on Windows or Mac. I also use KeePassDroid on my Android phone. The database is compatible between all versions, and encrypted so it can be stored on a file share (In our case, our departmental drive). I also use ownCloud to sync it automatically between devices whenever a password is updated.

I don't use the plugins though. I don't need to. KeePassX allows me to auto-type in named windows by hitting a global hot-key. Very useful.

Comment Re:Comment filter (Score 1) 2219 2219

It took me a while to find it too. It's that little gear symbol to the right of the Insightful, Informative, Interesting, Funny tabs. You mouse-over that, then you can select your threshold. But I have a problem in that it won't stick. I have to do that on every story. Plus there's no one-line-only option like in the current interface, and while I usually like browsing at +3, I still like seeing the first line of +2 comments. I've found a lot of good comments that way.

That plus the very excessive amount of whitespace on the comment pages are my biggest peeves with the new site (I'll be honest here, I haven't tried to post a comment in Beta, mainly because the comments taking < 40% of the screen space (And much less than that once they're nested) drove me away from it). I told them this in the Survey last year but the beta doesn't appear to have changed much since then (The only thing that I can recall changing is that gear icon for the threshold). I don't mind them putting the poll, their Sourceforge and Dice stuff on the main page (Though I do like the Slashboxes in the current interface), but I do NOT want that on the comments page. On any story with even a decent amount of comments, that sidebar runs out and then I have a blank spot staring at me while the comments (The important stuff that I went to the page to see) get smaller and smaller.

Comment Re:I don't understand the draw (Score 1) 195 195

Not everything in HA is hip or sexy. Most of the stuff I want to do in my own DIY home automation project is boring, turning lights on and off remotely, opening and closing window blinds, zoned HVAC, automated porch light with motion detection. Stuff that's not hip or sexy but makes the house more intelligent and less energy-wasting.

Comment Re:Linus said something... (Score 2) 552 552

That's not how drives die of old age. A sudden and permanent drive failure like what is described is almost always a controller failure. When mechanical drives die of old age, they generally develop bad sectors and read-errors accumulate on the platter, but you can still read from the un-damaged areas. When SSDs die, those worn-out sectors go read-only or begin throwing similar read/write errors, depending on the firmware.

After having a 40GB IBM Deathstar suddenly go down in flames, and dozens of "salvage my data!" calls from friends and family, I don't trust any single drive of any age or provenance. ALWAYS have backups.

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