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Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 380

Lots more than "98%" of people manage to follow the proper regimen. Hell, there are ENTIRE COUNTRIES where obesity isn't even close to being a serious pandemic problem like it is in western countries.

The problem is the people you're looking at have willpower issues to begin with. That's WHY they have weight problems in the first place. Sticking to a diet/exercise regimen is understandably hard for some people, but if you don't stick to it and then make no progress you have nobody but yourself to blame.

It blows my mind that your post is modded "insightful". It really should be -5, Ignorant as fuck.

Comment Re:I volunteer as tribute. (Score 1) 380

That's because in the real world, only about 2% of those people stick with the changes they need to make. This isn't something you do for a month and then forget about. It's a change you make that is ongoing for the rest of your life. It's a lifestyle choice.

It has been proven CONCLUSIVELY that proper diet and exercise cures weight problems. This isn't some voodoo conjured up by pseudo-science. This is a well researched fact.

Comment Re:Work less? lol. (Score 1) 111

Unfortunately it's a pipe dream because the people who have the most power over laws and policies are also the ones who control the majority of the wealth. I'm sure there are some wealthy people with enough sense to understand that balancing out financial inequality is a good idea, but most will fight it tooth and nail.

Comment Work less? lol. (Score 1) 111

"as machines took over the humdrum tasks, humans would work less and create more"

No, what happens is humans work less, and spend more time looking for work in order to survive. The problem with the utopian ideal is that they keep pinning it on the idea that you'll be able to survive with little or no money, which is star trek bullshit that will never happen.

Comment Re:"Fighting obesity through other means" (Score 1) 663

Lustig's claims are heavily criticized by many scientists and has been debunked more than once. The problem is people keep parroting what he says because he uses very technical terminology that only other doctors can really understand and scrutinize.

Comment Re:They actually have a point... (Score 1) 663

"There is very much a blame the victim attitude with regard to obesity and fitness."

They ARE the ones to blame for their present state. I'm so tired of being required to feel sorry for or sympathize with people who are overweight. Except in the rarest of cases where it's brought on by a medical condition it's their own damn fault.

I'm sorry, but if someone says they're doing all these things (moderating caloric intake, exercising) and it's not having any impact, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.

Comment Re:Diesel v ordinary - THAT would be nasty (Score 1) 123

The problem with people who try to sound smart is often they aren't.

Gas powered cars don't care what kind of gas you use in them either (provided you're not using gas in a diesel or vice versa). It's just that if you're using high octane gas in an engine not designed for it there will be no benefit.

"Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows." -- Robert G. Ingersoll