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Comment: Re:many girls are brought up to believe that (Score 1) 158

by kuzb (#47476015) Attached to: ChickTech Brings Hundreds of Young Women To Open Source

>There's very few women who play Magic: The Gathering

What a bunch of bullshit. I know at least half a dozen girls in my town alone who regularly play this game. If they exist here, I'm certain they exist all over. Your idea of what young women participate in these days is outdated.

Comment: Re:Daikatana failed because it was too Japanese. (Score 5, Insightful) 86

by kuzb (#47434817) Attached to: What Happens When Gaming Auteurs Try To Go It Alone?

That's probably because we don't see the aloof emo hero who in between fighting off a plethora of barely legal teen girl love interests, has hour long mid-combat philosophical debates with his enemies as being particularly appealing. Most of us find this just plain stupid.

Comment: Lolwat? (Score 1) 608

by kuzb (#47418905) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

Regular people are excluded **all the time** from various professions because they're unwilling to dedicate enough time to learn it. Are we supposed to just assume that programming is different?

I'm so tired of this sense of entitlement where everyone they are entitled to everything with no effort. My guitar skills aren't that great - certainly not good enough to perform live acts to a roaring crowd - does this mean all musicians are elitist assholes and that music is simply unattainable because of it? No! It means I haven't dedicated enough effort to perfecting that skill.

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