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Comment Re: How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

It it was their goal since inception, they're failing horribly. They could have built this vehicle a long time ago if they weren't so focused on building the coolest possible car on 4 wheels. All they really need to do is stop trying to cram more toys and acceleration performance in and start focusing on the parts that are actually important.

Comment Re:That's what Nokia, Moto, and Microsoft said (Score 1) 535

Most fail to admit that electric car market penetration is horrible overall anyway. Tesla is not competing with other electric cars. They're competing with other luxury cars. For most intents and purposes they're making enough to stay alive, but they're losing that competition.

Comment Re:Require licensing (Score 1) 165

You don't actually need a license to buy a motor vehicle either. As for operation, be very very careful with that. It varies a great deal from place to place. In some places it's so ambiguous that if a cop does show up you're relying greatly on his personal interpretation of the law.

Comment Re:Require licensing (Score 1) 165

Owning land does not mean you own an infinite amount of airspace above it. Up to a range of 500' (limits vary by country) is considered to be "your" airspace. Space above that is considered to be much the same as a public highway. This is why it's not possible to sue plane operators for trespass if they're flying over you.

So as long as you're within your airspace and not using your drone to spy on your neighbors, you'll probably be fine.

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