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Comment Re: And people on slashdot give a shit, why? (Score 1) 162

"I hardly consider Zuckerberg a positive role model. But he's been a heckuva lot better than other people who've been in his position (Rockefeller, Morgan, Gates, etc)."

No he isn't. He's just as bad, or worse. Just because you're got some kind of facebook stockholm syndrome doesn't mean the rest of us should just fall in line and consider him a decent member of society. He's garbage that abused a lot of people to get where he is, and he continues to abuse those people.

Comment No. Just, no. (Score 1) 165

I used to like Airwolf as a kid. I mean, what's not to like? High tech (for the time) super-fast chopper zipping around blowing up the bad guys!

Then I went back and watched it again years later. Oh man.

Let your childhood television shows live in your mind as pleasant memories. Don't try to relive the moment. The truth is not pretty.

Comment What changes? (Score 4, Insightful) 48

What changes is very little. If a telemarketer is honest he'll probably be playing by the rules already - however these people are scammers. They're not going to suddenly start changing the way they operate because the FTC said "stop, or we'll say stop again!". It's not like most of the marks these people are going after will even be aware of such changes.

Comment Meanwhile... (Score 1) 150

...most people continue to silently not really care, because the PS2 is so far removed from the last generation that only a small subset of people will actually be interested in this.

They really should have focused their efforts on the PS3.

I've got a bad feeling about this.