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Comment: Re: Monsanto (Score 1) 100

by kurzweilfreak (#48464473) Attached to: Group Tries To Open Source Seeds
Of course I've heard of them. Anyone who has the slightest interest in the topic of GMOS will hear about them within 3 minutes of reading the topic because the anti-GMOS nutters love to toss the factoid out like its some big gotcha. There has never been a commercially available plant with GURT technology. So throwing that little "fact" out is outright disingenuous and willfully misleading. I wish the biotech companies would introduce it so we could stop all the bitching from the organic shills about "accidental contamination" and the thousands of lawsuits that have never happened because of it.

Comment: Re: Most of the problem is Monsanto, the Great Sat (Score 1) 100

by kurzweilfreak (#48419443) Attached to: Group Tries To Open Source Seeds
Monsanto doesn't sell products to the general consumer population; they sell seeds to farmers. Their products are very clearly labeled as GMOs. If you want to slap labels on grocery store products, you need to come up with a valid reason to do so such as a difference in nutritional content or something else that actually matters. "I really, really want it!" is not a valid reason.

Comment: Re: Most of the problem is Monsanto, the Great Sat (Score 1) 100

by kurzweilfreak (#48419411) Attached to: Group Tries To Open Source Seeds
To my knowledge, organic certification is overseen by the USDA, and the certification process is handled by the local state agency but still under the USDA rules. Federal USDA organic certification requires products to not be genetically modified. Please correct me if I'm wrong, thanks.

Comment: Re:Story I heard as a kid (Score 1) 100

by kurzweilfreak (#48419271) Attached to: Group Tries To Open Source Seeds
Maybe people shouldn't be illegally using patented seeds then? You can buy seeds from literally hundreds of vendors. If you don't like seed contracts, don't sign them. Farmers do buy them and sign the contracts because they make them more money.

If you're talking about "accidental contamination" like Percy Schmeiser, stop watching propaganda documentaries and try reading about the actual cases. There was nothing "accidental" about them.

Comment: Re: Monsanto (Score 1) 100

by kurzweilfreak (#48419125) Attached to: Group Tries To Open Source Seeds
Yet another biology-ignorant tard injecting his strawman arguments into this discussion. Why do you people feel the need to show the world you have no idea what you're talking about over and over again?

No one makes or has ever sold sterile seeds. A gene is not "for" an organism. A gene is a sequence of DNA code that does something. There's nothing inherently "spider" about a gene. And here's the most hilarious part.

How do I know an increase in Vitamin A production is the only thing you added to your seed? I don't. And that is where this distrust comes from.

The simple economic argument is that it would probably be against a company's best interest to produce and release a foodstuff that was toxic or poisonous (which is why these things are tested for, sequenced out for verification, and chemically analyzed to check for this kind of thing). Not many companies make a good living on killing their customers. But even more basic than that, how do you know that your conventional or organic plant doesn't have a random mutation that makes the plant create cyanide? You don't. Why don't you distrust any of that? Because you don't know anything about biology or genetics beyond what you read at Natural News or Mercola. And these are the very sites that were screaming about this being genetically modified grass as their shining example when that was exactly not the case at all. Such credible. Wow.

Comment: Re:DuPont only cares about the money (Score 1) 377

by kurzweilfreak (#48403677) Attached to: How 4H Is Helping Big Ag Take Over Africa
I wish they would just go ahead and utilize GURT technology to shut up all the organic activists crying about potentially getting sued by Monsanto for accidental cross-pollination (which doesn't happen). Regular farmers don't save seeds anyway unless using crappy heirloom, non-hybrid seeds. You'd think that the anti-GMO crowd would be all for this Terminator technology because it solves the problem that they cry so loudly about yet couldn't even produce one instance of it occurring in their OSGATA vs. Monsanto suit. The cognitive dissonance of the anti-GMO movement is astounding.

Comment: Re: Nonsense. Again. (Score 1) 432

by kurzweilfreak (#48322511) Attached to: Black Swan Author: Genetically Modified Organisms Risk Global Ruin
You're missing the point. Animals share some genes because those genes do the same thing in one organism as they do in the other because the genes don't care which organism they're in, they just do what they do. We all share the same molecular machinery for reading DNA. You're creating a distinction without a difference when the gene doesn't really give a shit. It's an argument of essentialism and ignorance of the workings of genetics, no offense.

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