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Comment: Everyone's a programmer. Even dead people! (Score 1) 289

by fyngyrz (#49622191) Attached to: The Programming Talent Myth

A variation of it is quite prominent on Slashdot, with many users inexplicably believing that programming requires a "special mind", dividing people in to two groups: "can program" and "can never program".

Some of us just have different metrics for drawing a line between "programming" and "stumbling around in a programming language doing dangerous, stupid, and occasionally functional things."

But, hey. If you can set your digital alarm clock, or interact with your microwave in such a way as to involve more than one button push (even if you're going to destroy the comestible), you're a programmer, right?

It's like kids with crayons. They're all artists! Special butterflies! Call the Louvre!

Now get off my nursing home's lawn

Comment: Come on. What tripe. (Score 2) 289

by fyngyrz (#49622119) Attached to: The Programming Talent Myth

From TFS:

If you could measure programming ability somehow, its curve would look like the normal distribution.

Since you can't measure programming ability "somehow" or otherwise, you don't know what the curve would look like. Which reveals the entire set of claims here as utter garbage. If you don't know what the distribution is, you don't know what the distribution is. How difficult is that to understand?

Comment: Re:They reall don't mean this (Score 1) 73

by rtb61 (#49618559) Attached to: AI Experts In High Demand

AI is actually far different to data analysis, it is all about different layers or levels ( ;) ) of decision making. So you start off with very simple solutions and if they are good enough you stop there, if not enough you use those outputs in the next higher or adjacent level or and add more different levels for more outputs, until your arrive at the answer. Not based upon the current level of analysis only but also on all the previous ones, it becomes a composite solution, which readily varies processing time with regard to the complexity of the question and complexity the final solution. The greater the number of possible solutions you can generate, the greater the ability of the artificial intelligence, by using composite outputs from different levels analysis, you greatly increase the number of potential outputs.

Comment: Re:The 30 and 40-somethings wrote the code... (Score 1) 504

by rtb61 (#49618491) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

You do understand in the world of statistics and reality, you represent the trailing edge of the bell curve for your age group. You can readily guess my age and I distinctly remember for decades going through that cringe when people my age and quite some years younger seemed to want brag about their lack of computer skills, how their children knew more, a badge of ignorance. Things are tough out in the employment market and there are a whole bunch of unemployed, past middle age computer illiterates and you don't want them clogging up your recruitment process. Having been on the other side, all those applications are a real pain and the reality is you want only one application and one interview, the right one and how quickly you can thin down hundreds or even thousands of apps down to that right one is useful. So yes, toss out a few of the good because you can get rid of a whole lot of the futile at the same time is going to happen most of the time. Just sucks to be associated with digitally inept but that is the way it is.

New employment question, what are your gamer tags on what game servers, we would like to see how you play (this is actually far more accurate than looking at social media and will reveal far more about a person over an extended period of interaction). Steam in reality does count for far more than other social media sites, how well people play together will define how well those people will work an old rule that works well in the digital era, if you pay attention. In a digital sense, Geeks tend to hang well together regardless of age, nerds not so much.

Comment: Re:The Perfect Bait (Score 2) 1014

by tsa (#49609505) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

Just organize these events regularly and you'll smoke out the crazy jihadists.

Organise a "draw Jesus sodomizing Mary" contest in Texas and you'll get crazy Christian jihadists doing the same thing. If you set up an event specifically designed to insult/offend/antagonise a particular religion, you're always going to get a response like this from someone.

You don't even have to mock a religion. Look here:

Comment: Idiots (Score 3, Insightful) 1014

by tsa (#49609443) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

I think they're all childish idiots. The people attending that meeting, with their provoking "who can draw the best Mohammed cartoon." Come on, your days at high school are a very long time away and you should behave like an adult now. And the idiot Muslims who think it's necessary to shoot everybody who doesn't have their opinion. We don't live in the Middle Ages anymore you idiots. And if you like killing so much why don't you kill some of your own kind? You're very good at that, we see that daily on TV.

And now get off my lawn, all of you! Crazy children.

Comment: Re:Time (Score 1) 297

by rtb61 (#49608473) Attached to: Tesla's Household Battery: Costs, Prices, and Tradeoffs

The biggest energy demand in a house, air conditioning (fully air-conditioned, not just one room), any idea at all how many HP (horse power for slow Americans, rather than kW) a large domestic air conditioning unit is (single digits) and now compare that to the HP of car (triple digit). So power to spare in some locations, not all (yep, snow is a real problem). So for most locations no if and you choose whether or not to take the risks but when others don't that energy insurance will get expensive (likely over the long term cheaper to buy a second smaller stand by battery for lighting). Flip side of course brown outs or black outs of mains, no longer a problem, this will get much worse over time, as they take more short cuts to maintain profit with reduced revenue, especially maintenance and customer support short cuts.

Comment: Re:give it up (Score 1) 83

Face, the target should be thankful, that a major corporate political player is not claiming the defendant murdered the data and should be executed. Clearly they feel infringed upon and are using their control of the US department of in-Justice to persecute the individual. I am surprised they did not go the espionage route if the code just appears in another country.

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