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Submission + - What's on your keychain?

kuhnto writes: I was playing with my key chain and started to wonder, "what does everyone on Slashdot have on their key chains?" What cool things do you have that you want to share? I'll start... Car key, Car alarm dongle, house key, Kingston USB Drive, AAA mirco flashlight, and a Swiss-tech Utili-key.

Submission + - Pull top can tab are now considered historic archeological artifacts-> 1 1

kuhnto writes: A simple relic of 20th century life has taken on new meaning for archaeologists: The ring-tab beer can — first introduced 50 years ago — is now considered an historic-era artifact, a designation that bestows new significance on the old aluminum cans and their distinctive tabs that are still found across the country.
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Comment I'm a Doctor to the Core (Score 2) 216 216

We should add "medical doctor" to the Core curriculum. This would be a great way to cut down on the ever increasing costs of medical care. Since everyone is now a doctor who can self diagnose their own issues and self prescribe their own cures, we will have successfully cut out a huge middleman in the medical industry. Thank god I thought of this. I am off now to tell congress of the plan going forward.

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.