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Comment: You may not know... (Score 1) 112

by kuei12 (#36130244) Attached to: Volunteer 'Cyber Scouts' Censor Web In Thailand
These laws were put into effect by the Thai citizens out of a great love and respect for their king. The government, in this case, is just following the wishes of the enormous amount of people who love and support their king. I could see the confusion from the eyes of an american, because america has not had a president worthy such admiration in a long, long time. Typically, censorship is done by a government trying to control it's people. In this case, the people control the government. Something to think about. Maybe someday, america will have a leader worth protecting. But, I don't see that happening any time in the near future.

Comment: I know what it's about (Score 1) 141

by kuei12 (#33841476) Attached to: Stuxnet Worms On
This is designed to create Havoc and hostility in the few sort months leading up to the Myan End date of Dec12 2012. The US government will want to justify a nuclear assault by creating fear in the minds of the common american imbecile. This could be just like 9/11/WMD but on a much bigger scale. Just my theory:, but, I was pretty accurate about Bush before he took office.

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