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Comment Re:Geotagging? (Score 1) 151

I've never tried it with Picasa, but Google Photos on your phone will organize everything in a timeline for you, coupled with detailed maps and trajectories. The first time it did it. It did it automatically. I just had to save the slide show if I happened to like the way it automatically arranged it for me.

Comment Re:That's a shame (Score 1) 151

I can't for the life of me figure out how my photos in Photos are organized; the collections are randomly placed, and automatically uploaded pics from my Android phone clutter up everything (I've turned this off repeatedly and it keeps resurrecting itself).

That is really weird. For me, it sorts them by chronological order. Have you tried pinch zooming out? Pinch zooming is the way to navigate your collections.

Comment Re:IMO, valid complaints (Score 1) 339

He's right... Who starts a product launch event over an hour late and doesn't even acknowledge they ran behind?

Everyone does. It takes more than 30 seconds to check in 3,000 people and get them sitting down in an auditorium. When they said, show up at 7:30 PM sharp, that doesn't mean that the event starts at 7:30 PM. This isn't to say that the event didn't run behind, but saying that the event started over an hour late because it began at 8:45 PM is somewhat misleading.

Also, the blog post got really personal really fast. The guy could have made many of the same arguments without making it a personal attack on Elon Musk. And he could have done it privately first. After all, if you have a complaint, you deal with the manager, you email, or you call, and you try to attempt to remedy the situation through a private communication. You don't start immediately taking out your blow horn and start launching personal attacks at someone.

Comment Re:Abandon ship (Score 1) 118

It's got a Bluetooth keyboard in it, which you can sync with pretty much anything. I've actually got it paired with a couple of different things because they'll never be in use at the same time.

You're making a good point. I have a bluetooth keyboard and many Android devices (including an Android TV), but unfortunately, I find I bought the wrong bluetooth keyboard for them.

I should have bought one of the bluetooth keyboard that comes with a switch on the side. This way, you can set it to device 1, device 2, device 3, by pushing the mechanical slider around. As it stands, my current cheaper bluetooth keyboard can not even remember the pairing of more than one device at a time, so I am forced to reset the pairing every time I switch to a different device.

Comment Re:Data? (Score 1) 118

Does SwiftKey phone home what users are typing? $250 million seems a lot for an input method, more reasonable for a large set of data for them to analyze.

Actually, it does way more than that.

It syncs between your different devices. And you give it access to your gmail (if you want) so it can mine data you inputed years ago, which is weird they didn't mention the gmail part. I have far more data on my gmail account than anything on Twitter, SMS, or Facebook.

Personally, I sync my gmail with it, plus everything else, but I don't mind. That app is super intrusive, yes, but it's also why it is so good. It knows what I am going to type before I type it and it's the only app I know that allows you to mix different languages when writing.

It kind of sucks that Microsoft bought it. Google is the really one that should have bought it instead.

Comment Re:Espionage and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation (Score 3, Informative) 40

Most nuclear weapons proliferation occurs through espionage. Soviet Union, China, Israel, Pakistan all used spies to get started.

Most nuclear weapons proliferation occurs through defectors. The US, Soviet Union, China, Israel, Pakistan all used defectors to get started.

Comment Re: New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score 1) 180

Except uber decreases your chance for customers if you actually do that... Hence, they aren't really free to do what they want.

Do they really do that? Or is it the customers who decide to select the Uber driver with the highest star ratings and the most reviews?

By that logic, Amazon book authors who publish on Amazon must be employees of Amazon, and 3rd party developers who publish on Google Play must be employees of Google, since both companies will give higher visibility to their highest rated and most prolific writers/developers (assuming all the other search criteria given by customers are equal).

Comment Re:New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score 1) 180

Wut? Wait a minute here... when did cars actually start cleaning themselves?

I am not sure why this even needs explaining.

People tend to take better care of their newer cars. For instance, my cousin was like that. When he got a new SUV, he would pamper it like nothing else. He used lots of wax and he would use a toothbrush to clean the inner rims of the wheels. Ten or twelve years later, the truck has a few bumps and scratches, it looks far from perfect anymore, and people write things like "WASH ME" using the tip of a finger on the dirt on his rear window.

Now, I'm not saying everyone is like my cousin, most are not, but many of the people who don't take care of their cars tend to be like him. It's human nature.

Comment Re:New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score 2) 180

"They not only direct every aspect of a driver's workday...

Except that they actually don't. If a Uber driver doesn't feel like driving passengers, he doesn't do it. It's as simple as that. He gets to decide whether he works 5 minutes each decade, or ten hours a day. He gets to decide whether it's a hobby, a second job, or his main way to make a living. It really doesn't get freer than that.

"...they also profit off the entire day through data collection, not just the 'sale of a product.'"

New York Taxi services also profit from their drivers when they're not earning a fare.

New York Taxi companies carry advertisements on their roof, and a great number of them also rent taxis and medaillons to their drivers. So when a taxi driver doesn't have a customer he's working for, and earning zero money, he has this taxi meter in his head that is always on -- and that represents the amount of money he's paying to the taxi companies and to the taxi medaillon holders.

Comment Re:Good luck with that... (Score 1) 250

Interestingly enough, she said specifically that contractors from India working in the US are a protected class (at least in this state, YMMV)

Do you mean in Michigan where the this former manager is suing Yahoo from?

One big problem with Yahoo is that they also fired their lawyers. Firing your own lawyers for "low performance" is never a good idea. Now Anderson has a lawyer as an ally who is highly motivated to prove Yahoo wrong whatever happens.

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