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Comment: Poor pay = Employee theft = Sick company (Score 2) 310

by ktilford (#41079729) Attached to: The Worst Apple Store In America — An Employee Confession
After it was exposed how little Apple Store employees are paid, it doesn't seem to be much of a stretch to understand the lack of loyalty among the work force. I was in a huge national chain grocery store with millions of dollars of stock and sales, and was shocked to see the store manager wearing shoes with holes in them, and threadbare slacks, he almost looked like a homeless guy. When you underpay your employees, they will take what they think they deserve, with good cause. If America continues down this path, soon American workers will be like old Soviet workers, taking whatever they can steal to sell. Apple is the richest company ever, and pays Apple Store employees so little it's morally shameful. You must respect your employees and pay them a fair percentage of your profits to maintain a healthy company. Apple may be rich, but Apple's also sick.

Comment: Re:Wouldn't be necessary with spread spectrum (Score 1) 102

by ktilford (#35631614) Attached to: Microsoft Sniffs Out Unused Wireless Spectrum
ThunderBird89: you don't understand how spread spectrum works. It INCREASES resistance to interference when everyone uses the same spectrum. You're thinking in an "old school" way of doing things. The reason we don't use spread spectrum is because you can't eavesdrop on spread spectrum communications, so the CIA/NSA etc. won't allow it. Read up and learn:

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