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Comment: Re:What about other devices? (Score 1) 413

by kthreadd (#47890015) Attached to: Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

It only applies if the OS and device are really two separate entities. For Macs you could argue that you should be able to buy the device without the OS. For phones, it seems that the OS is part of the device, especially in case of iPhones (what else are you going to run on them). Keep in mind that iOS isn't sold separately either, nor are there any charges for upgrades.

That's because the iPhone (which really should be called a computer) is locked down in the firmware by the manufacturer to only run operating systems provided by them. If they would disable this blocking then alternative operating systems could run on the iPhone. It has in the past when good hackers were able to work around Apples attempt to dominate the user, but that has not been successful recently.

Comment: Re:No offense to Unbuntu but.... (Score 1) 232

by kthreadd (#47769175) Attached to: How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest

Plus, RedHat are the one pushing for new and untested systemd. That's another example of something you don't expect of a stable server distribution.

It's not new and untested, it's been used in at least Fedora since Fedora 15.

No, RedHat is not 'cool' or stable. They're fishing for consulting dollars, and they're trying to monopolize Linux mindshare by pushing systemd (themselves being the authors), and injecting it as a dependency everywhere else.

Yeah exactly, Red Hat supports a project that they ships as part of their product. That's outrageous, or something.

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