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Comment: Re:Hobbiest are amazing (Score 1) 368

It's not so much that it's hard to learn. It's not actually that hard. When building an operating system dealing with all the small details of the hardware is much more harder than learning assembly. The reason why we stopped building operating systems completely in assembly was not that it was hard to learn but it was because we wanted to port them to different architectures.

Comment: Re: Really? (Score 1) 368

I'm not reallyd sure that I understand that point. To me, thst would sound reasonable for educstionsl Ãr entertainment purposes, but are there any other meaningful reasons for writing an entire OS in assembler?

Today, not that much apart from looking cool. Not a lot of programmers know assembly that well anymore so writing a non-trivial operating system completely with it is definitely something to put on the resume. It used to be necessary to use assembly get good performance, but since the late 80's and early 90's it's not really necessary anymore on personal computers.

Comment: Re:Mozilla's made mistakes, but people exaggerate (Score 1) 240

by kthreadd (#49606465) Attached to: Chrome Passes 25% Market Share, IE and Firefox Slip
There are free software implementations of those but that's not really the point. Claiming the Chrome is free software is simply incorrect even though it is based on free software. If people used Chromium that would be fine but the problem is that they don't. The only reason why some people use Chromium is because some GNU/Linux distributions package it for them. The vast majority of Chrome users don't even know that Chromium exists. If Google really cared about free software they should remove the non-free bits and make it just free software.

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