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Comment: High tech shortcuts (Score 1) 281

by ktcifone (#39556517) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Shortcuts To a High Tech House
My house burned down in 2009. Lost all computers.even my employers laptop. All data gone. been online since 95. digital camera since 98, mp3 conversions since 97. (Previously had 1 linux home server serving 3 TB data. WinXP workstation dual 24 inch monitors, linux desktops and xp laptop.) Already drank the apple kool aid, with iphones, so after starting over got imac to replace workstation and server, laptop for other systems. Built a home bar in new house and This is now the office. connected mac mini with 4 TB data to 32 inch tv with elgato HD connected to the mini, I can stream tv to any ios via wifi or 3/4G. Stream video library to android or ios devices via wifi or 3/4G. 2 networks private and guest networks so all guests can plug in when they are here. very little wires and low maintenance. I got a speaker bar for the tv with a wireless subwoofer in the family room. It sounds great. low maintenance. When you get a new house there is so much to do. Keep it low maintenance.

+ - Red Hat Releases RHEL 6 public beta 1 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Is was way back in 2006-09-07 when Red Hat released their first public beta of Enterprise Linux 5. Today, after more than three long years, Red Hat finally releases their first public Beta of their next generation OS: RHEL 6 public beta 1.

'We are excited to share with you news of our first public step toward our next major Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform release with today's Beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. Beginning today, we are inviting our customers, partners and members of the public to install, test and provide feedback for what we expect will be one of our most ambitious and important operating platform releases to date. This blog is the first in a series of upcoming posts that will cover different aspects of the new platform'"

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