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Comment: Re:You don't get better by not doing (Score 2, Informative) 315

by kspn78 (#28875617) Attached to: Funds Dwindle To Dismantle Old Nuclear Plants
I agree, I would rather not be 'inside' a crash, but it is a fact that Nuclear technology has not been able to develop due to fears that people have about radioactivity ect.
Coal vs Nuclear (Take your pick of these articles)
Coal evil:
Nuclear evil:
There are issues (primarily with the Radioactive waste) but we still have what amounts to cira 1970/1980 Nuclear technology. pity that.
The Courts

+ - AntiVirus kills PCs? Have some more, Symantec says->

Submitted by Tort reformation
Tort reformation writes: Dubious 'compensation' settlements from companies that have done wrong are nothing new (examples: 1,2,3). But Symantec may have hit a new low. After tens of thousands of PCs in China were crippled by Symantec's Norton AntiVirus when it went beserk last month and decided Windows XP was a virus, users demanded financial compensation for lost data, days of lost business, and repair fees. Symantec's counter-offer: a further year's free use of Norton Antivirus.
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Sun Microsystems

+ - ZFS on Linux: It's alive!->

Submitted by lymeca
lymeca writes: LinuxWorld reports that Sun Microsystem's ZFS filesystem has been converted from its incanartion in OpenSolaris to a module capable of running in the Linux user-space filsystem project, FUSE. Because of the license incompatibilities with the Linux kernel, it has not yet been integrated for distribution within the kernel itself. This project, called ZFS on FUSE, aims to enable GNU/Linux users to use ZFS as a process in userspace, bypassing the legal barrier inherent in having the filesystem coded into the Linux kernel itself. Booting from a ZFS partition has been confirmed to work. The performance currently clocks in at about half as fast as XFS, but with all the success the NTFS-3g project has had creating a high performance FUSE implementation of the NTFS filesystem, there's hope that performance tweaking could yield a practical elimination of barriers for GNU/Linux users to make use of all that ZFS has to offer.
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+ - Are there any good educational toys for babies?

Submitted by
dichotom writes: "My sister is only a few days from having her first baby and I have been scouring the internet for an advanced learning toy. I started looking recently after seeing the movie "The Last Mimzy"( where a young girl comes into possession of a toy rabbit from the future that teaches her things. Nanotechnology aside, is there anything out there that will constantly tell random facts to a child when they interact with it? Would this kind of learning even be feasible in the respect of any information sticking with a child as they grow? In my mind I imagine this as something I could upload information to from a computer, and then in turn it would say a quote when it is shaken or picked up. Okay slashdot, what can you imagine? And better yet how can we build it or where can we buy it?"

+ - Ubuntu, Red Hat reject Microsoft patent deal->

Submitted by hoyeru
hoyeru writes: Red Hat, the largest Linux vendor, and Ubuntu-maker Canonical have both rejected calls from Microsoft to forge a deal similar to the one the Redmond giant signed with Linux distributors Novell, Xandros, and Linspire.

Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical's CEO, said in a blog posting on Saturday, that Canonical has declined to talk to Microsoft about any agreement that provides legal protection to Ubuntu users related to "unspecified patents".

"Allegations of 'infringement of unspecified patents' carry no weight whatsoever. We don't think they have any legal merit, and they are no incentive for us to work with Microsoft on any of the wonderful things we could do together," he wrote. ed-Hat-reject-Microsoft-patent-deal/0,130061733,33 9278741,00.htm

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+ - Linux Chosen for Next-Generation Space Hardware->

Submitted by EraserMouseMan
EraserMouseMan writes: WindRiver has been chosen by Honeywell to develop a Linux-based solution to run on top of Honeywell's next-generation Dependable Multiprocessor for spacecraft.

"Any material put into space is subject to variable accelerations, mechanical shock and vibration, harsh vacuum conditions, extreme temperatures, and often, intense particle and electromagnetic radiation. Wind River Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition, running in conjunction with GoAhead SelfReliant Software, which provides high availability middleware, and Honeywell''s Dependable Multiprocessing Middleware on Extreme Engineering Solutions'' XPedite6031 boards, will support the demonstration of high availability and high reliability operation for the ST8 Dependable Multiprocessor experiment."

The relevancy and robustness of Linux is being recognized by the biggest players in industry for their mission critical needs. Is Linux finally being recognized as suitable for everything from putting men on Mars to defending our country?

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+ - Overclocking madness?->

Submitted by Da Massive
Da Massive writes: Overclockers waged a battle of ice against fire at Computex in Taipei, pushing the performance limits of Intel's CPUs to 5GHz. The hobbyists, who are becoming an increasingly common sight at IT trade shows, are perfecting the art of pushing processors to their limits. This video is both crazy and funny at the same time —;2;fpid; 10000;o;0;id;555745332
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+ - Videogame Unites Republicans and Democrats->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: This is a cool game that was launched out of the capitol building in Washington DC last week. It was created by the USC Game Innovation Lab and has been getting lots of press. It's about time someone took on a tough issue like redistricting reform using the power of the internet. The game is fun and well made.
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