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Comment: Re:New technology, old mindsets (Score 1) 559

by ks9208661 (#39018781) Attached to: Global Christianity and the Rise of the Cellphone

"I don't believe in the existence of God" is not the same as "I believe in the non-existence of God". The same way that "I don't know it is" is not the same as "I know it isn't". It depends on where you put the negation, either on the verb, or on the noun. If you negate the verb, you are assuming no position. If you negate the noun, you are taking a side.

Contrary to what the author in that link wrote, there is such a thing as agnosticism, and she is one.

Comment: Re:App idea (Score 2) 160

by ks9208661 (#37109264) Attached to: 1 in 8 Take Fake Phone Calls to Avoid Talking to Others
I have this on my HTC Android phone too. It's a widget called Fake Call. You select a person in your phone book who will fake-call you, then the number of minutes of delay (from 0 to 10 minutes) before you get the call. It would be nice if this could be scheduled at a specific time.

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