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Comment The Positronic Man by Asimov (Score 1) 1021

Good scifi is not just about the laser beemz and the death rayz. It is and always has been about the PEOPLE. given that you have all this new technology, how does it impact humanity as a society and the individual's morality. the point of science fiction is to project oursevles beyond the limitations of our current everydayness and examine where we stand on a much deeper level. i wish i had understood this much when i took my scifi lit class in high school. hehe

Comment Re:Process should be fair. (Score 1) 257

what if that little small grocery store just happens to be run and owned by a Mr. Toyota? Toyota is a common family name.
Should Ford be able to block any local mom and pop store whose store name is "Ford's General Store" ?
Should Apple be able to block an orchard that advertises "You pick apples on sale!" ?

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