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Journal: my .sig

Journal by krymsin01
I started wondering if my current .sig was a bit too offensive

You elected the shrub again, way to go idiots

Then I realized that statisticly it'll only piss off slightly less that 6 out of 10 people (at least in the states, I suppose it'd have a lesser chance of pissing off citizens of other nations).

So, fuck it.

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Journal: googlism chatbot, etc

Journal by krymsin01
So, I was sitting on irc a few days ago and for some reason I thought about googlism.com. The first time I had ever seen this site was because a clue to some webgame (I think it was the one for the matrix reloaded..) involved a googlism result and finding the site it was from. Anyway, I went to there and started messing around. The idea came to me that it'd be interesting to write a little script that would generate a stream of consciousness style output from googlism's results.

Here's how that works: You start with a term, let's say "George bush" Query googlism, and the first result is "George bush is a monkey." take the last result (in this case monkey, obviously) and get the first result for it. Loop ad nauseum or at least until googlism returns no data or you get stuck in a loop.

So, I wrote this up and slapped it into an irc bot to provide an interface for a few people to screw around with. A hours go by, and I start thinking.... Hey this would be interesting to use for a chatbot.

The way the chatbot works currently is this:

A person messages the chatbot, let's say they say something like "how are you today". The bot first picks out the longest word in the message, hoping that it is the subject. Yeah, I know that's a cheap hack and there are better ways to do it, namely a NLP but I'm lazy. Sue me.

The bot takes that word, then returns the shortest result that googlism spits back. This if for a couple reasons, but namely that people on irc tend to become suspicious quickly of something that's spewing extremely long sentences at them. Another is that the short the message the more ambiguity there is, and the more ambiguity the more a person can read their own interpretations into the bot's output.

Also, with the exception for keywords like "hi" and "asl" the bot ignores one word messages, since people tend to flood the bot if they become suspicious of it's humanity.

Over on my blog I've posted a few conversations the bot's had with people on dal.net. This was before I made the modifications concerning message length and result filtering.

Sfter I clean up the code and get it to where I'm happy with it, I'll release the code for anyone to play with.
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Journal: Goa Trance

Journal by krymsin01
For some reason, I'm in the mode to sharpen up my psychedelic goa appreciation. Streamripper is VERY good for this.
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Journal: Good day for karma

Journal by krymsin01
Today was a good day for karma, must have been making some sense. Usualy my posts just sit at +1, So far today I've recieved 4 mod points, karma sits at positive.

I'm such a damn geek that I'm actualy thinking about this crap... Jeeze, I need a life.

Kleeneness is next to Godelness.