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... Facebook will also track your progress in Softball games using GPS and your last location on the field, if you've opted in to the Facebook Knows Where You Are at All Times product, to generate a notification when it thinks you've crossed a base or home. If you're safe, you can select "I'm Safe" and a notification and News Feed story will be generated with your updated stats.

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by fahrbot-bot (#48161291) Attached to: Scientists Find Rats Aren't Smarter Than Mice, and That's Important

Whoa whoa whoa... We know that for sure now? With real quantifiable evidence, that I can see without a paywall? I musta slept through that part of the newcast... Somebody clue me in...

The chimps have already figured out how to get past the paywall.

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by fahrbot-bot (#48161267) Attached to: Scientists Find Rats Aren't Smarter Than Mice, and That's Important

experiments that depend on measuring problem solving and it's interaction with the brain have never really been better from smarter creatures

Citation needed. We gave our dog an intelligence test - put a treat under a paper cup and see if he's smart enough to move the cup and get the treat. Dog looked at me waiting for a signal, as soon as I said "OK" he knocked the cup over with his paw and grabbed the treat. Tried the test with our goldfish; he just flopped around on the floor.

Try it with your octopus.

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And, personally, I can''t think of anything more important that my wife does than be the awesome mother she is to our children

That's fine, but I don't want to hear a lot of whining from your household about women getting paid $0.70 for every dollar men make, or whatever. Being likely to bail out of the workforce for years at a time has a downside, and that is it.

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by aussersterne (#48151411) Attached to: KDE Releases Plasma 5.1

The Linux desktop wars mattered when Linux was the future of the desktop.

Now that the desktop has a much smaller future, and Linux clearly doesn't play much of a role even in this drastically reduced future, it's just that KDE and GNOME really don't matter much.

Desktop Linux is a niche product, and it behaves like one—adoption is vendor-driven, and clients use whatever the vendor supplies.

For individual Linux users, things haven't moved in half a decade or more. Linux is still a mostly complete operating system with mostly working desktops. None of it is very polished (polish, as always, is just a couple years off in the future). Significant time and customization are required to make any stock distro+DE work well, things are generally cluttered, kludgy, and opaque, and for the hobbyist that fits the profile—the sort of person that will actually put up with and use this kind of computing environment—one or the other (KDE or GNOME) is already a clear favorite and this isn't likely to change.

Of course there is also the developer group, probably Linux's largest cohort of "serious" users on the desktop, but they just plain don't care much about which DE is installed. They're much more concerned with toolchains and versions of environment components.

So the KDE vs. GNOME thing is just plain...not that big a deal any longer, for most anyone.

The only possibly interesting development in a very long time is Elementary OS, which appears to have adopted a different philosophy from the one traditionally associated with Linux development/packaging groups. But whether this will ultimately translate into an important operating system and user experience, with its brand that supersedes the branding of the desktop environment itself, remains to be seen.

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They never say anything about floating seats in the EU. Maybe they assume all the corpses floating around will suffice?

Old joke about a forced water "landing", said in heavy German accent, ends like this: Pilot: "Those passengers that can swim, make your way to the life rafts. Those passengers that cannot swim, thank you for flying Lufthansa airlines."

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