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Comment iPad + Linode + VIM (Score 1) 463

I read this a while ago, back when I had an iPad, and decided to attempt the same:

Bottom line; if you don't have a decent internet connection all the time (which I don't) -- it's really not a great solution. However, the article does highlight a lot of the benefits of developing on an iPad (such as long battery life, no heat, quick standby / wake up) etc

As there are IDEs appearing it could be something I look to again, but probably not for a long time.

Comment Usability (Score 5, Interesting) 627

If you've got things to do, learning how to operate a Linux system is low on the priorities. If people start finding hiccups because of the differences between Linux and Windows they'll rapidly complain to tech. support, who will soon fold under the pressure of people not being able to meet their commitments due to not understanding their workstations.

Linux isn't the top dog because it's 'more secure' than Windows, it's not the top dog because it's not as well known as Windows. I see more people using Mac in the workplace now, and with the popularity spike in BYOD I would suggest that if Linux were to become more user friendly, Linux would be slowly be adopted anyway.

We should remember that >60% of servers run Linux, versus Windows.

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