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Comment Re:nerd news? (Score 1) 468

Yes, because everyone knows that war didn't exist until the United States was created....

The US has done plenty of stupid things, but war has always existed and always will. The US is the whipping boy only because it is the biggest. Go look at the atrocities committed by Russia, Japan and Germany (and others) over the last 100 years, then see see how much you still cry about America. There are plenty of crimes to go around, saying America is the "worst" just shows you don't know how to crack open a history book.

Comment God damn it... (Score 0) 117's LASER... it's an acronym: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation... why can't anyone ever get it right? It's not "laser" and it's not "Laser", it's f'ing LASER! (well, I suppose if we REALLY want to be pedantic it's actually L.A.S.E.R. ... but even I'm not that much of an asshole).

Comment Re:OS/2 and DOS. (Score 1) 620

I used to work for a company that sold large printers and vinyl cutters, mainly to sign makers and I can confirm that sign makers are particularly cheap when it comes to upgrading their tools. I'm all for "if it ain't broke...", but when it is broke, and every print run takes twice as long because your Windows 98 box takes ten minutes to reboot, and another five to load the required program and then has a 50% chance of crashing, that right there is a good time to buy a new computer.
On the other hand, the specialised software for these printers was so behind the times it still wouldn't support a 64 bit OS a couple of years ago, which is a slight problem when you're dealing with image files which can quite happily eat all 4GB of addressable RAM, so maybe they weren't missing out on much.

Comment Re:Colour me suprised (Score 1) 285

I look younger than my age and smoked until I was 45, partied my ass off in the 20s (award winning partying...), sleep 4 hours a night most of the time. I don't doubt that these things can affect how old you look, but they aren't the defining things. Like with most things, genetics is probably the key.

Comment Re:It would have an Amiga Mother board (Score 1) 484

Also, the Amiga had the best case handling in a file system:
Say you have a file called File1 (no need for an extension). You could access the file with any capitalisation you like, file1, FILE1 File1, FiLe1 or whatever takes your fancy.

However, if you were mad, you could also have two files in the same directory names FILE1 and file1 (or any other set of characters).

It had/has the benefits of a case sensitive filesystem, with the ease of use of a case-insensitive one.
Now, if someone could just explain to me why case sensitivity is important in a file system...

Comment Re: Really ? (Score 2) 256

No, we don't. If you don't have the water, or at least the hydrogen and oxygen, you don't have a large body of water to moderate the temperature and host cyanobacteria to create oxygen, which takes hundreds of thousands to millions of years, assuming you have enough bound oxygen to begin with. We don't have the technology. We can't even filter out a little carbon dioxide in our own atmosphere.

Comment Re:Why force her to do something she doesn't want (Score 1) 250

No, she doesn't. He specifically said:

"but she is just not very passionate about coding or IT in general."

So yes, it does look like he's trying to push her. Most women I know take a few months of maternity leave, not a few years, so maybe that is why he is pushing, but he's pushing her in the wrong direction.

Comment Re:Different from Jails? (Score 2) 48

I mean insanely more complicated than jails, not insanely more complicated than other standard VMs. Have you used jails? I was on a project to deploy Docker instances on a large scale, and it took me 6 months to create an infrastructure that could have been done in 1 month with jails. I will agree that Docker has some nice abstractions, but the details and special cases and workarounds were endless. And I still don't see the actual advantages over FreeBSD. There's simply nothing stopping one from creating a few shell scripts to spin up thousands of BSD jails, mapping drive storage and networking however you want. A lot of this stuff the Linux guys are thumping their chests over now was in mass deployment over a decade ago in certain BSD hosting companies.

Comment Re:Different from Jails? (Score 1) 48

Yes, that's a good start, but remember that Docker also has a... social landscape I guess we could call it. There's a central website and blog, and then there's the all-important Docker Registry where you can search for existing images, and build your own images on top of base images you download. And Docker has a built-in feature to fetch images right from the registry. Makes it very easy to experiment and toy around with images.

Docker made these seemingly superficial things priorities from day one, sometimes at the expense of good architecture and security. For example, earlier versions (as of 1.2 AFAIR) did not have an easy way to delete built-up cruft from images you had imported.

So the challenge would be to accomplish these benefits without some of the huge gaping security/stability/malware holes that Docker has had to deal with.

Comment Re:Different from Jails? (Score 1, Interesting) 48

So what we have is an insanely more complicated way to manage your "VM-ish" things, a really, really odd way of approaching your containerized system where it doesn't actually get to have a full userland (no SSHd, etc...) unless you do all sorts of insane tweaks (believe me, I know because I spent the better part of last year doing this), and in the end the only real advantage of Docker over jails has nothing to do with the intrinsic design of the system, but the build infrastructure surrounding it?

That sound about right. All FreeBSD needs to compete with Linux containers is an image repository and a Git-like method for managing and building images. There are already tons of jail management tools for snapshotting, migrating, moving, templating, etc... And given that jails have a much longer history and are likely to be much more stable and easy to manage, it seems like a natural next step, BSD guys. Hint, hint...

"More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined." -- Fred Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical Man Month_