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Comment: Re:Postgres has referential integrity (Score 1) 320

by rycamor (#49298847) Attached to: Why I Choose PostgreSQL Over MySQL/MariaDB

How do OIDs solve this? Updating a record it still updating a record. OIDs don't magically make that problem go away.

One solves this problem the way one solves any other data problem: logical thinking and planning ahead. If you are creating a long-running business application where things like addresses may change, you design your database to take that into account. You store a timestamped address with every order record, or you store multiple addresses by date range. It's not exactly rocket science.

There is literally no reason to use OIDs except as a crutch when one has created a table without a primary or candidate key--and even then OIDs won't save you from bad logic, such as duplicate records or other idiocy.

BTW, it is important to also remember that OIDs are not enabled by default for new table creation. Many times the PostgreSQL core team has discussed whether to deprecate OIDs completely. The decision was made to keep them for two reasons: a) some applications still depend on them, however misguided their reasons and b) Some PostgreSQL add-ons and external solutions (replication, etc...) use them.

Comment: Re:I thought we were over the whole SQL thing (Score 1) 320

by rycamor (#49296195) Attached to: Why I Choose PostgreSQL Over MySQL/MariaDB

I wouldn't even recommend bothering with hstore. There are several even better ways to use Postgres in a "NoSQL" setting.

For example there is the Mongres project, that lets a PostgreSQL database emulate the MongoDB protocol. So you could literally drop Postgres into a Mongo-powered application with not a single hiccup, and get a) better performance and b) all the back-end relational stuff you need when it comes time to do reporting or other business logic.

There's also the new JSONB datatype in PostgreSQL 9.4, which I would recommend over hstore if you want to just store "free-form" data in records.

EnterpriseDB did a very well-thought-out study on PostgreSQL/NoSQL.

Comment: Re:Postgres has referential integrity (Score 5, Insightful) 320

by rycamor (#49295207) Attached to: Why I Choose PostgreSQL Over MySQL/MariaDB

That's not even close to what "referential integrity" means. In fact, it could be used to accomplish quite the opposite.

OIDs are one feature of PostgreSQL that should be buried inside the implementation and not allowed to be accessed from the developer side. Otherwise you are pretty much completely going around the whole point of the Relational Model. If you are developing an application in such a way that it needs pointers to rows, you might as well just store data on the filesystem and be done with it. Or use one of those fancy NoSQL thingies and enjoy your data corruption.

Comment: Re:Alternate Title of this JE... (Score 1) 11

by RailGunner (#49294865) Attached to: Thoughts for the Day...

Most of the ammo is for Deer / Boar hunting. There's no limit and no season for Boar here in Texas -- there's too many. Hunters can remove about 21% of them a year, and as fast as they reproduce (and with no real natural predators, Coyote's aren't big enough to get very many of them) the State has a huge problem with Feral Hogs.

Which if you've never had, you should. Best pork you'll ever eat. Venison is very good as well.

Comment: Re:Alternate Title of this JE... (Score 1) 11

by RailGunner (#49294523) Attached to: Thoughts for the Day...
I'm not much of a Republican these days. When Boehner and McConnell give Obama everything he wants through CR / Omnibus Spending, there's no difference between those two jackasses and Reid and Pelosi.

Now, the GOP will have a dog and pony show in which Jeb Bush will win, and our choices will be (as I said) Hillary Clinton or Less Masculine Hillary Clinton (Jeb) at which point I'll vote third party. Constitution Party being the most likely.

Otherwise, I'll continue to stockpile ammo, food, water, and wait for the world to burn.

Comment: Re:Well, I don't consider myself 'Protestant' (Score 1) 11

by RailGunner (#49293843) Attached to: This one's for the Protestants here...
The Catholic Church is opposed to the Death Penalty. The Catholic Church is also opposed to any war that is not "Just" -- for an example of a Just War, Pope Francis recently urged that action (military) be taken against ISIS to get them to stop beheading people and setting them on fire. In other words, war is justified when defending the weak.

So in other words, your statement Anti-abortionists are not pro-life. is provably false.
User Journal

Journal: Thoughts for the Day... 11

Journal by RailGunner
Jeb Bush is the candidate for Republican Primary Voters who want to vote for a less masculine version of Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Hillary... KFC has a new "Ready For Hillary For Lunch!" promo - you get a box containing two huge thighs, two small breasts, and a left wing. You have to bring your own server though.
User Journal

Journal: This one's for the Protestants here... 11

Journal by RailGunner
As many of you know, I'm an avid reader - books, blogs, even the cesspool that is comments on news stories.

One thing that I've seen a lot of lately is the typical canard that "the Spirit of God left the Catholic Church centuries ago".

If that were true, my dear protestant brethren (and I'm not being sarcastic, you guys are dear to me, I just want you to come home to the Catholic Church), then please explain to me how:

All the simple programs have been written.