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Submission + - HP Cloud offers up free access to OpenStack (hpcloud.com)

krow writes: "HP Cloud is offering free access to Open Stack via its public cloud. Today adoption is growing around the Open Stack APIs, and we are offering up access to push tool integration and adoption around the API's. Most recently we have been able to add support for on-demand Jenkin's orchestration via the JCloud's plugin.

API, as well as console, access is being made to the computer, object storage, and CDN interfaces. There are images being provided for different Linux distributions, and additionally images for Bitnami, ActiveState's Stackato, and Enterprise DB's Postgres images. Hopefully the access can be used to drive adoption of the Open Source alternative to Amazon's APIs."

Submission + - A Response to RMS on Dual License

krow writes: "Richard's comments on the Oracle Acquisition of Sun left me scratching my head over his continued support of the closed source licensing around open source software. Having spent more then a decade in the MySQL community I feel like his understanding that the harm is advocacy does, needs to be addressed. In pushing for the rights of the proprietary software business that lurks within the GPL, he is squandering the opportunity for the advocacy of open source within the European Union."

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