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Comment: Re:Texing Bans Increase Crashes (Score 1) 319 319

I agree with all of this. Thanks for saving my fingers. Like you say, we already have laws for this: Reckless driving/Careless driving. Why they need to make a law for each individual instance is beyond me. Other than to look like they are doing something.

Comment: Re:Stallman would have something to say about this (Score 1) 488 488

The argument is that NYC, NJ, and California pass ridiculous laws that do little to stop crime, but make it harder to follow the law if you have good intentions. They restrict, in some places completely, the right to bear arms. Therefore, they restrict your freedoms. If you don't care for the freedoms enumerated in the Bill, that's your problem. If you think the 2nd should be repealed, then repeal it. Anything other than the reasonable restrictions SCOTUS has determined are violating the constitution. And there are lots of laws in the states mentioned that are far beyond reasonable.

The FUD is spread by anti-gun people who call for bans on the misnomer, "assault weapons" (which account for 1% of US gun deaths), additional loopholes that only law abiding people will follow in the first place (written permission to travel, no CCW, etc.), they are ones that ignore the recently released CDC and Harvard reports that show an overwhelming amount of defensive gun use every year, and they completely ignore the tragedy of gun free Havens like Chicago. While guns do make it easier to kill, the killing problem is a cultural problem of poverty and inequality, not a gun problem. The FUD is spread by both sides.

Comment: Re:Stallman would have something to say about this (Score 1) 488 488

Not true. The 'loophole' you are referring to is a private sale. There's no federal requirement for a FFL middleman/background check--but some states require this for private sales. It's not a loophole, it's the way it was designed. It's typically called the gun show loophole since advertising weapons in most classifieds (or craigslist, or ebay) are forbidden.

Comment: Re:Stallman would have something to say about this (Score 1) 488 488

The "loophole" he's talking about is a private sale, which currently requires no backgroundcheck/FFL middleman. Some states require a FFL middleman/background check. You can go to a gun show and buy/sell to private individuals, as long as you aren't a "gun business".

Comment: Re:Shoot first (Score 1) 871 871

We do know the witnesses story, who said Martin was beating Zimmerman's head into the pavement. We know Martin was taller than Zimmerman. We know he liked acting "gangsta". We know Zimmerman liked helping kids and his neighbors out. Would Zimmerman have survived had he not had a gun? Maybe. So he should just play a victim because it's OK to attack someone else who asks you questions?

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