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Comment: Re: Cost effectiveness (Score 1) 104

by kriston (#49834461) Attached to: Mercedes-Benz Copies Tesla, Plans To Offer Home Energy Storage

The dryer, stove, AC, hot water heater, and other appliances do not pull full continuous load for several hours at a time. The electric car charging port *does*.

And your quoted article doesn't say anything about what that load might be, just that it is "increasing."

And, please, try re-read my post more carefully. I am talking about the power distribution grid and not power generation.

Comment: Re: Cost effectiveness (Score 1) 104

by kriston (#49830469) Attached to: Mercedes-Benz Copies Tesla, Plans To Offer Home Energy Storage

No. The homes can handle the power load, but the power grid cannot. You can't have a large proportion of houses in the neighborhood pulling 40 amps at 240VAC continuously for four to six hours every night at the same time.

There are dozens of companies developing home storage for electric vehicles because of this. It's a serious logistical problem.

Comment: Re:Cost effectiveness (Score 2) 104

by kriston (#49823227) Attached to: Mercedes-Benz Copies Tesla, Plans To Offer Home Energy Storage

The goal wasn't really to store energy for the house. The actual goal is to store energy to recharge your electric vehicle quickly and without overloading your local power grid.

The use of energy in the house is an added-on benefit and makes it more appealing to buyers. Some might also call this a "gimmick."


LG Arbitrarily Denying Android Lollipop Update To the G2 In Canada? 123

Posted by timothy
from the arbitrary-lines dept.
Lirodon writes: Its funky rear-mounted buttons may have left critics divided, but the LG G2 is still a pretty capable Android device. While it has gotten an update to Android 5.0 "Lollipop" in some major markets (including the United States, of course), one major holdout is Canada. Reports are surfacing that LG's Canadian subsidiary has decided not to release the update for unknown reasons. But, what about custom ROMs? Well, they handled that too: they have refused to release Lollipop kernel source for the Canadian variant of the device. It is arbitrary actions like this that cause Android's fragmentation problems. A curious note, LG has not specifically made reference to the bugs other users have been having with the update.
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Blackberry Defeats Typo In Court, Typo To Discontinue Sales of Keyboard 67

Posted by timothy
from the one-way-or-another-it's-over dept.
New submitter juniorkindergarten writes: Blackberry and Typo have reached a final settlement that effectively ends Typo selling its iPhone keyboard accessory. Blackberry took Typo to court for twice for patent infringement over the copying of Blackberry's keyboard design. Blackberry and Typo first battled it out in court, with Typo losing for copying the Blackberry Q10 keyboard design. Typo redesigned its keyboard, and again Blackberry sued them for patent infringement. The final result is that Typo cannot sell keyboards for screens less than 7.9", but can still sell keyboards for the iPad and iPad air. Exact terms were not disclosed.

Cinnamon 2.6: a Massive Update Loaded With Performance Improvements 145

Posted by timothy
from the also-delicious dept.
jones_supa writes: The Linux Mint team has just announced that Cinnamon 2.6 desktop environment is considered stable and ready to download. It is a big update. The load times have been greatly improved and unnecessary calculations in the window management part are dropped, leading to a 40% reduction in the number of CPU wakes per second. Other improvements include a screensaver that does more than just lock the screen, panels that can be removed or added individually, a much better System Settings panel that should make things much clearer, a cool new effect for windows, and a brand new plugin manager for Nemo. Linux Mint users will receive the new Cinnamon as an update by the end of the month.
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Journal: How to connect to HP ILO 2 and ILO 3: The 2015 edition

Journal by kriston

For many server workloads, processor speed has not increased enough to justify the retirement of certain server lines. Many of us who also provide server support to Development and QA teams need to deal with retired and end-of-life products. Consider the broad selection of perfectly serviceable HP blade enclosures and really affordable blades in the aftermarket. With 220 volt supply and a storage unit you can cheaply provide 16 hosts in a 10U space to your teams.

Comment: The US Navy are the most intelligent forces in USA (Score 2) 68

The US Navy are the most intelligent people in all of the United States armed forces. If they tried to accomplish an important national goal, and didn't fully succeed, then they very well should be listened to.

These people are not slackers. They are the real deal. If they're having trouble, the "cloud" industry needs to listen to them.

Comment: Re:and dog eats tail (Score 1) 393

by kriston (#49720589) Attached to: Feds Order Amtrak To Turn On System That Would've Prevented Crash

To clarify for the purposes of the Amtrak accideng, there are no Amtrak trains that run with ATC at all.

The NEC and certain other routes have had a limited form of PTC, one called ACSES and another called ITCS, but they do not technically qualify as "true PTC" systems under the emergency order issued after the 2008 Chatsworth accident and the one issued after last week's Amtrak accident.

The Wikipedia article is incorrect. ACSES has operational on the entire NEC for several decades, but ACSES doesn't quality as a "true PTC" system and doesn't penalty brake for violating speed restrictions, unfortunately.

With all the news flying around concerning this accident online encyclopedias will not be a good source of information.

Comment: Re:and dog eats tail (Score 1) 393

by kriston (#49720509) Attached to: Feds Order Amtrak To Turn On System That Would've Prevented Crash

Even Trains magazine's own articles get the terms of art incorrectly sometimes. ATC and PTC are different. You can have PTC without ATC. You can have ATC without PTC. You can have both. You can have neither.

PTC is simply a penalty brake application when a rail vehicle exceeds a speed restriction or when the vehicle enters an occupied block without authorization, or when a vehicle passes a signal showing a stop aspect ("signal passed at danger" in the U.K.). Enhanced versions of PTC show positions of trains independent of any signalling or track circuit.

ATC means just that: automatic train control. The train is controlled directly by wayside and onboard equipment to automatically accelerate, decelerate, stop, and start. The article isn't correct. The Washington DC Metro has run on ATC since 1971 but not PTC. It's not perfect. The deadly crash in 2009 temporarily suspended ATC operations until this year, and that was because the signals were not being properly handled during an upgrade.

Magazine editors make mistakes. I wouldn't get too wound up about it.

Comment: Re:Edgar Matias saved the ALPS switch industry (Score 1) 147

by kriston (#49708723) Attached to: Mechanical 'Clicky' Keyboards Still Have Followers (Video)

I really like Cherry MX Brown switches. I tried MX Blacks, which seem to always be on a discount sale, but after a few days it dawned on me that my fingers were tired because of them.

ALPS don't really seem to have any real standard to weight or click sound--a recent Rosewill had really bad quality problems--but they're usually pretty soft.

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