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by kriston (#47518261) Attached to: The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

Wow I remember Degrader, too.
There was a compatibility problem I had with my original Amiga 2500. It was supposed to be sold with 1 MB chip memory but for some reason it had 512 KB instead, and this caused so many problems until I discovered why.

We figured it was probably from a dealer swap or manufacturing line error, even though the Wikipedia article discusses that the A2000 could have 1 MB or 512 KB, the A2500 line was always supposed to have 1 MB of chip memory. Mine came with a real Amiga 2500HD sticker. *shrug*

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We experienced timing-related problems in early demos when running them on a more modern Amiga.

However, the worst was running software written for PAL mode. The chief complaint about these PAL games was that the audio played at the wrong speed. Major offenders were games that play lots and lots of sound clips, like Llamatron. PAL mode always messed up the length of the sound clips so they get cut off or played at the wrong pitch.

I had an Amiga 2500 which was the one that came with a 68020+MMU accelerator. I later upgraded it with the 68030 accelerator and Univ. of Lowell A2410 workstation graphics. I also still own an Amiga 3000T with a QIC tape drive with Amiga UNIX and an Amiga 3000 with a floptical drive. Playing old demos is a pain in the neck on these new machines.

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Great for GPIO, power supply, and USB. My only real concern is that the ethernet port is on USB. If you're like me and prefer the stability of ethernet, be advised that using ethernet will not only be slower but it will tax the CPU since USB relies on CPU power to operate. Not that this would be much different from using USB WiFi adapters, but it's something to keep in mind about the Pi.

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Journal: Redux: Optimize performance of EC2 EBS volumes and Amazon WorkSpaces

Journal by kriston

This is an update to my previous Journal article "Optimize performance of EC2 EBS volumes and Amazon WorkSpaces." Along with writing each unused sector, Amazon also recommends reading from each sector. To do this we can use the Windows version of the "dd" command available at

1) Find the name of your drive:
wmic diskdrive get deviceid

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This problem is as old as manufacturing.
Do we really not know or fail to remember that this is how the entire Japanese electronics and automotive industries were spawned? This is how the electronic industry of Korea came about, and one third of the entire Soviet Union's compute capacity from 1950 to 1990. Not to mention the entire DECSYSTEM-20 compatibles market and all the AMD, Cyrix, IBM, NexGen, WinChip, RISE, etc. x86-compatibles market.

I'm sure someone has already or will soon point out how this is newsworthy.

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Journal: Optimize performance of EC2 EBS volumes and Amazon WorkSpaces

Journal by kriston

Amazon EC2 and Amazon WorkSpaces are very handy. Unfortunately, the first time you bring up any new instance the performance starts slow and improves over time. This is apparent when creating any new EC2 instance on EBS, when creating a new EBS volume from a snapshot. This includes creating an AMI and also copying volumes to other Availability Zones.

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Windows 8.x is pretty good only as long as you have a touchscreen.

What is really atrociously stupid is Microsoft's idea of putting the Metro interface onto Windows 2012 Server. It is just breathtakingly stupid to put an animated, graphical user interface onto a system that is almost always accessed via Remote Desktop Connection.

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I just took an SD Card to try to manipulate some images. Without an internet connection, Chrome OS was completely unable to do anything with these pictures--it could not even preview nor display them.

I like the ChromeBook, and I own a few of them, but without an internet connection available, ChromeBooks are a pathetic joke.

For real productivity they make great Remote Desktop clients. I only wish Amazon WorkSpaces would release a proper client for ChromeBooks.

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