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Comment: Re:This really is a man's world... (Score 1) 377

by kriston (#48576155) Attached to: Bellard Creates New Image Format To Replace JPEG

There is nothing technically special about the Lena SÃderberg image. It's not colors or gradients or moire patterns. Some people insist there are some notable detail, flat regions, shading, and texture features. It just happens to be one of the more popular early digitized images, nothing more.


Kim Dotcom Says Legal Fight Has Left Him Broke 117

Posted by timothy
from the broke-the-bench dept.
mrspoonsi writes Kim Dotcom, the founder of the seized file-sharing site Megaupload, has declared himself "broke". The entrepreneur said he had spent $10m (£6.4m) on legal costs since being arrested in New Zealand in 2012 and accused of internet piracy. Mr Dotcom had employed a local law firm to fight the US's attempt to extradite him, but his defence team stepped down a fortnight ago without explaining why. Mr Dotcom said he would now represent himself at a bail hearing on Thursday. He denies charges of racketeering, conspiring to commit copyright infringement and money laundering. He told a conference in London, via a video link, that his lawyers had resigned because he had run out of money. "The [US authorities] have certainly managed to drain my resources and dehydrate me, and without lawyers I am defenceless," he said. "They used that opportunity to try and get my bail revoked and that's what I'm facing."

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