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Comment Re:Why all the desktop stuff? (Score 1) 148

This just isn't correct. Solaris on x86 still has the most complete and robust implementation of pthreads and the best symmetric multiprocessing support.

However, now that the kids are moving projects to Nodejs, there's not much need for pthreads in the open-source community, so nobody cares.


Comcast Planning Gigabit Cable For Entire US In 2-3 Years 253

An anonymous reader writes: Robert Howald, Comcast's VP of network architecture, said the company is hoping to upgrade its entire cable network within the next two years. The upgraded DOCSIS 3.1 network can support maximum speeds of 10 Gpbs. "Our intent is to scale it through our footprint through 2016," Howald said. "We want to get it across the footprint very quickly... We're shooting for two years."

Comment Re:blowfish-cbc ! (Score 1) 75

Blowfish is a solid cipher. I'm disappointed that I have to compile my own OpenSSH builds now with it re-enabled. What a silly joke this 7.0 release is going to be.

We seriously need to update Dropbear or some other SSH implementation to make this world better than it currently is.

Comment Re:blowfish-cbc ! (Score 1) 75

While blowfish-cbc is going away, which uses Cipher Block Chaining mode, I find it a little strange that OpenSSH does not offer the more secure blowfish-cfb, blowfish-ecb, or blowfish-ofb ciphers. They're certainly in OpenSSL, though blowfish in CTR mode is curiously not present in OpenSSL.

Frankly, why not offer CFB, ECB, OFB, and CTR modes for all ciphers that support it?

Comment Re:Is it FIPS certified? (Score 1) 33

OpenSSL does have a permissive license, but several of the algorithms are inappropriately and probably illegally included in that "license" because they aren't legitimate implementations, like IDEA, RC4 (arcfour), and RC6.

Comment Re:Insecurity culture.... (Score 0) 585

Wow. I have colleagues who routinely borrow from their 401(k) accounts to buy exotic performance cars and things like that. Their 401(k) retirement accounts are doing just fine, thank you, thanks to financial literacy.

Anyone who doesn't bother to understand how a 401(k) works deserves the penalties they get. The US education system needs to teach this as a part of their required curriculum NOW.


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