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Journal: Redux: Optimize performance of EC2 EBS volumes and Amazon WorkSpaces

Journal by kriston

This is an update to my previous Journal article "Optimize performance of EC2 EBS volumes and Amazon WorkSpaces." Along with writing each unused sector, Amazon also recommends reading from each sector. To do this we can use the Windows version of the "dd" command available at

1) Find the name of your drive:
wmic diskdrive get deviceid

Comment: This problem is as old as manufacturing (Score 1) 120

This problem is as old as manufacturing.
Do we really not know or fail to remember that this is how the entire Japanese electronics and automotive industries were spawned? This is how the electronic industry of Korea came about, and one third of the entire Soviet Union's compute capacity from 1950 to 1990. Not to mention the entire DECSYSTEM-20 compatibles market and all the AMD, Cyrix, IBM, NexGen, WinChip, RISE, etc. x86-compatibles market.

I'm sure someone has already or will soon point out how this is newsworthy.

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Journal: Optimize performance of EC2 EBS volumes and Amazon WorkSpaces

Journal by kriston

Amazon EC2 and Amazon WorkSpaces are very handy. Unfortunately, the first time you bring up any new instance the performance starts slow and improves over time. This is apparent when creating any new EC2 instance on EBS, when creating a new EBS volume from a snapshot. This includes creating an AMI and also copying volumes to other Availability Zones.

Comment: Touchscreen or don't (Score 2) 516

by kriston (#47148741) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

Windows 8.x is pretty good only as long as you have a touchscreen.

What is really atrociously stupid is Microsoft's idea of putting the Metro interface onto Windows 2012 Server. It is just breathtakingly stupid to put an animated, graphical user interface onto a system that is almost always accessed via Remote Desktop Connection.

Comment: Re:Sounds DOA to me (Score 1) 121

by kriston (#47146293) Attached to: HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

I just took an SD Card to try to manipulate some images. Without an internet connection, Chrome OS was completely unable to do anything with these pictures--it could not even preview nor display them.

I like the ChromeBook, and I own a few of them, but without an internet connection available, ChromeBooks are a pathetic joke.

For real productivity they make great Remote Desktop clients. I only wish Amazon WorkSpaces would release a proper client for ChromeBooks.

Comment: Re:HP Is Being Cheap = LOSER segment (Score 1) 121

by kriston (#47146265) Attached to: HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

After having to replace laptops with stuck pixels far too many times, I like the idea of Sager/Clevo laptops. They guarantee no stuck pixels on delivery and for a few extra dollars they will guarantee no stuck pixels for a period of time. That's pretty important when you're spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on something you have to look at for most of the day, every day.

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Journal: Using Amazon WorkSpaces from Linux using rdesktop

Journal by kriston

The Amazon WorkSpaces product is an interesting and affordable desktop-as-a-service from Amazon. For a flat, monthly rate, you get the equivalent performance of an m3.medium EC2 instance for far less cost but also with somewhat less configuration flexibility. The compelling feature of Amazon WorkSpaces is supposed to be close integration with your own Active Directory with Group Policies. For me, the more compelling feature is the high-performance, proprietary Teradici PCoIP protocol used

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