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Comment Emacs much? (Score 1) 388

Relevant to what I was just reading - More seriously, emacs runs on nearly every platform around, in some cases is natively installed, and has several VERY good email clients depending on your needs and workflow... mu4e as a search-based client, gnus for people who deal with lots of threaded and list-based emails, mew for the more traditional IMAP workflow... Extensible to nearly any purpose, each client is on it's own a best-in-class for a certain type of user.

Comment Re:Why pro-this or pro-that? (Score 1) 250

Not nit-picking the larger parts, just a detail - Apple didn't pick a BSD kernel, they inherited the license because NeXT was based on Mach, which incorporated BSD licensed code from before the BSD break even happened. Apple can and does publish GPL projects, as well as their BSD-ish Apple license, depending on the intended release scope of the project and how much control they want to maintain. If you're reading on any variant of Chrome or Webkit, you're benefiting from Apple releasing GPL code.

Comment Re:leaked huh ? (Score 3, Insightful) 899

And almost every one of those is a case where the gun is being used as the manufacturer intended, not an accident.

Yes. About 2/3 of those uses are suicides, and the rest are almost all homicides with illegal guns. Gun control has no significant effect reducing either of these numbers. There is a small remainder of homicides committed with legally owned guns and accidents, but many legal products are far more dangerous. Furthermore, there is no justification for creating intrusive government regulation that prevents me from committing suicide with a gun.


In the US, we have no real numbers on gun control and suicide rates, homicide rates, or pretty much anything else because the gun lobby has worked to destroy any public funding for such research, and to end careers of anyone who tries to independently study them.

In Australia, they had real, significant reductions in suicides when they implemented their gun controls. Also, they had previously had a number of mass shootings, and have had 0 since.

"The Australian Institute of Criminology found that gun-related murders and suicides fell sharply after 1996. The American Law and Economics Review found that our gun buyback scheme cut firearm suicides by 74 percent. In the 18 years before the 1996 reforms, Australia suffered 13 gun massacres — each with more than four victims — causing a total of 102 deaths. There has not been a single massacre in that category since 1996."

AU suicide stats:

Comment Re:Very few performance issues? (Score 1) 206

I do not agree that the service doesn't make sense. If one has a Mac, for example, this service suddenly opens up dozens of games which the developers would not have released as native any time in the near future. If you have something like a Macbook Air, or any device with a smaller storage space, this alleviates having to load and remove games when you want to play them. It leaves your space for games which you want to dedicate to, without having to compromise on what you want to play Right Now. Network issues resolve pretty easily.... As service popularity rises, adding more gear, bandwidth, and optimization becomes a lot easier. As for "buying" games, their PlayPack service, at $10 a month for unlimited play of 80+ games, seems like an easy sell for a casual dabblers like me, especially compared to buying PC games where you cannot easily resell them when you've moved on.

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