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re: average age of marriage


The average age of marriage for women during much of the middle ages was in the early twenties, and older for men. That's for the average person, not some member of the royalty that had an alliance marriage made for him/her when they were children, usually by proxy and certainly not consummated until they were of age. The reason for the commoners needing to wait: they needing to actually learn how to do a job, even if that was farming. Mommy and Daddy peasant weren't going to be able to set them up, so they needed to actually have earned some money to have an independent life.

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There's actually a fairly good (for a media tie in) novel written by Andy Robinson, the actor who played Garak, about his past called A Stitch in Time. The series of novels set in post-series Deep Space Nine have been good overall, but unfortunately they've slowed down (hopefully not stopped!) coming out so they could make room on the release schedule for drek related to the recent movies.

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My mom spends most of her year in Michigan and then snowbirds down to Arizona for the winter. She refuses to upgrade from dial-up because she doesn't want to pay for a connection in both places, nor do the research to see if there's someone who can provide her with a connection in both for one fee or something similar. I think she's got fed up with her own dial up connection; she was leeching internet from a neighbor before they locked down their router and now goes down to the McDonald's or whichever fast food restaurant she gets wi-fi at.

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In high school, it would have been entirely possible for me to get more than a 4.0, if it weren't for my grades in Band and Gym classes. It was because certain college prep classes were slightly weighted - Calculus, Advanced Placement English 12 and Physics, as I recall. Presumably this was to make up for them being so much more difficult than people taking either the "normal" twelfth grade classes, or the people who were behind for that matter.

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IM works great, except when a tester wants to talk to you from the lab, where they don't have a personal machine. I don't travel, so there's no reason for the company to give me a phone. I'd rather there wasn't a compiled list of people's personal cell phone numbers for anything other than emergency on-call purposes.

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My fiance works on Thanksgiving, as he is in a profession (he works at a group home) where someone must be there 24/7. My family is a several hours away, and I admit that I'd rather not go do that without him. So his family, who live in the same city we do, are doing Thanksgiving on Sunday instead.

Artificial Wombs In the Near Future? 367

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New submitter DaemonDan writes "The first successful pregnancy by IVF was accomplished over 50 years ago, essentially creating a multi-billion dollar industry. Many scientists are trying to take it one step farther with a 100% test tube baby brought to term in an artificial womb. 'Cornell University's Dr. Hung-Ching Liu has engineered endometrial tissues by prompting cells to grow in an artificial uterus. When Liu introduced a mouse embryo into the lab-created uterine lining, "It successfully implanted and grew healthy," she said in this New Atlantis Magazine article. Scientists predict the research could produce an animal womb by 2020, and a human model by early 2030s.' The author of the article seems to believe that birth via artificial wombs could become the new norm, but is it really feasible, desirable or even affordable for the majority of Earth's population?"

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My elementary school was pretty cutting edge - we had computers at all. They backed the wrong horse, however, as what we had to start with were TI 99-4/a computers. The idea was sound, but there weren't enough for an entire classroom, so it was a case of privileged students being given computer time as a reward for good work and/or behavior, which was then mostly spent on games. I think that they might have changed to something else by the time I left, but I don't remember whether it was Commodore, Atari or Apple, since I had unlimited access to similar machines at home. We had to take a keyboarding/word processing course in junior high; first, we learned to type on electric typewriters, and then learned word processing in MS Works. In high school, I had a programming class that was in qBasic on 286 machines. There was a theoretical follow on class that didn't have enough interest to happen that would have, I believe, been a Pascal class.

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There are several problems there, but I don't think I'd say any of them are because they're both programmers. 1) Romance within a team is fraught with peril 2) Er, she tried to two-time her boyfriend? She lied a lot? I'm female programmer (oh, shut up) and my ex-husband is a male programmer turned "entrepreneur" or small business owner. Our marriage didn't end because we had too much in common, it ended because of our differences, none of which had to do with work, but with differences in our fundamental goals for the future. I'm dating a man who has a degree in art, and we are together because of how well we relate together, not because "opposites attract" - I may be more left-brained than he is, but we are in no way opposites.

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