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Comment: Re:iPhone made irrelevant (Score 1) 198

by krenaud (#47348631) Attached to: Overkill? LG Phone Has 2560x1440 Display, Laser Focusing
The iPhone has other drawbacks as lack of customization, lack of screen size choices, worse camera than the best competitors no waterproof alternative etc, but when it comes to actual app performance the iPhone 5s still beats all Android offerings giving a 100% lag-free experience. Lower resolution and a more efficient OS without single-thread bottlenecks in the internal UI code gives the iPhone a faster and smoother user experience which also can be measured. The iPhone 5s still holds the top place in web browsing benchmarks even though it is one year old and has a CPU which is behind the competition.

Comment: Re:Cryptocat (Score 1) 144

by krenaud (#44238511) Attached to: Heml.is, New Encrypted Messaging Service From Brokep of the Pirate Bay
It is difficult to comment on differences since Heml.is doesn't actually exist yet. But, one major difference is that Heml.is will exist as phone apps and there will be secure syncing of keys between devices. CryptoCat is a web-based solution which doesn't sync private keys between devices.

Comment: Re:Need to teach the kids proper browsing habits (Score 4, Insightful) 321

by krenaud (#42128245) Attached to: Virus Eats School District's Homework
I have given my kids restricted user accounts on their Windows computers and so far they haven't managed to infect the computers. Setting up a Windows machine with restricted accounts, Foxit reader as PDF reader, Chrome as web browser and flash block plugin installed has done the trick for me so far. For the same price as a Mac I get a PC + iPad + spare change.

Comment: Re:Why is there an official Minecraft for iOS? (Score 1) 303

by krenaud (#41505399) Attached to: Notch Won't Certify <em>Minecraft</em> For Windows 8
You can freely install desktop apps in Windows 8 just as you can install desktop apps on OSX. If you want new features such as Metro or iCloud-support then you must enter the walled garden which includes application sandboxing limiting what the applications can do.

Comment: Re:i hate ribbon (Score 2) 375

by krenaud (#35769812) Attached to: Windows 8 Early Build Hints At Apple, WebOS Competitor - EWeek
I've used every Word version since 3.0 for DOS and I think that the 2007/2010 interface is the best yet. It requires some relearning, but one that hump is done it is easier to use. Learning keyboard shortcuts is easier - just press ALT and the key combinations light up and if you are used to ALT-whatever+Letter menu shortcuts from 2003 and earlier they still work.

Comment: Stop playing around (Score 1) 290

by krenaud (#35744284) Attached to: Feds Prep For E-Gov Shutdown
What's the problem? With a record high deficit it is obvious that spending must be decreased and income increased. Start by restoring taxes to pre-GWB level, make serious cutbacks in the department of homeland security and cut military expenditure by at least 10%. And stop harassing tourists and you might even get more of us visiting your country. Then the healthcare sector also need an overhaul, but that will take longer before giving any budget effects I suspect.

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