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Comment: Re:annoying downgrade, ingores major usage pattern (Score 1) 101 101

I find it really ironic that Google, a company so used to being the new hotness upstart company, is so willfully ignoring usage patterns of a significant minority comprising "the youth" and people on the wrong side of the internet divide, and much of the third world, and anyone without a data plan outside of wifi range.

I'm sure Google is very aware of the usage patterns as they track everything they do. As for ignoring the wrong side of the Internet device and much of the third world, that isn't their business, they are an Internet business and almost everything they do is based on that. If you don't have access to the Internet, most of their stuff doesn't work.

As for a calendar entry, unless it is brand new, you will have sync'd the calendar entry and unless you CHOSE to silence the scheduled time alert, you will still get alerted even if you have no WiFi or Internet access. There are also a lot more options to dealing with a calendar entry than a simple SMS message. You can control how soon you get notified, repeat notifications, options on how to get notifications etc..

SMS, is just text message you can stop unless you want to black list the number and you can't choose when or how much time in advance you want that notification.

As for your kid's french tutor, sounds like they need someone to help them make a better process. A calendar entry for your kid's scheduled appointment, shouldn't include other peoples schedules in it.

Comment: Taking lead from the Republican-right to extreme (Score 0) 981 981

Texas conservatives have seized control of the state Board of Education, using it as a platform to rewrite education standards to reflect a more conservative, "Godly" point of view and to demand that textbooks be rewritten to conform with those standards.


Texas proposes rewriting school text books to deny man made climate change

Comment: Xprivacy fixes that (Xposed Framework) (Score 3, Insightful) 249 249

I use Xpivacy which is a module add on to Xposed Framework to control permissions now. Have been using it for sometime. Allows using something like the Facebook app without allowing it all of the permissions it thinks it neededs.

Not really sure what Google is thinking though. There needs to be more fine control of permissions not less.

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