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+ - Alan Ralsky Facing Indictment->

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zentec writes "The US Attorney's Office has issued a press release stating that they are seeking indictment of Alan Ralsky, his son in-law and nine other people. Described as the bust of a major spam ring, the indictment was listed as one of "largest nationwide" for spamming. Besides Ralsky family members, it seeks individuals in California, Arizona, Russia and Hong Kong.

Ralsky has a reputation as being one of the most prolific and unapologetic spammers in the world."

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+ - Mac QuickBooks Pro Update Deletes Desktop Folder

Submitted by krawz
krawz (662049) writes "Someone on the mailing list brought this news to my attention. There is apparently a bug in a recent software update for QuickBooks Pro Mac (2006 and 2007 versions) which can result in the deletion of your Desktop folder. Ouch. More details here..."

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