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Comment Re:acceptance is the only fair outcome (Score 1) 301 301

I don't bother dropping by very often any more.
The 20 page irrelevant threads are not collapsible and the comments themselves hover
somewhere between what I can find on pseudo-skeptic sites and youtube.
I nearly always regret visiting but old habits die hard.

Comment Re:No need for UPS to help (Score 2) 207 207

It's called an address label, they go on the boxes.
The boxes going international go through customs on site at the UPS hubs.

The NSA could achieve this by accessing the packages at customs without alerting UPS directly.
The would only have to break out an NSL because we can. to make it less of a hassle, or just to flex muscle.
Really an NSL would be detrimental to secrecy, the NSA is clearly aware that secrets keep better when you
*don't tell anyone*
Rather than when you ask them to keep it on the down low.

Comment Re:So when will the taxi drivers start protesting? (Score 2) 583 583

These this will naturally become shuttles and taxi services almost immediately. Given the protests of Uber and Lyft, what will the outcry be for these?

Cabbies don't have enough money to have a voice that's heard, The people with the money will just watch until these are cheaper than cabbies and then implement.

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