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Submission + - Forget Skynet, Your Fridge Might Turn Against You

kraksmoka writes: In a recent cyber-security report in eWeek, the experts at NexusGuard say that a DDoS attack by the "Internet of Things", those every day items like a smart refrigerator, a Nest thermostat or your smart toilet might become compromised and used in a Distributed DOS attack to gain access to critical systems.

Submission + - Reddit Cannot Function Without Victoria (ycombinator.com)

kraksmoka writes: There will be no Waffles today after news aggregator Reddit has ground to a halt in the wake of their firing of popular staffer Victoria Taylor. Many core subreddits have set themselves private in response to the personnel move, cutting off most users from seeing anything on the site. Victoria managed communications and particularly /r/IAMA the popular Ask Me Anything subreddit where celebrities and notables hold realtime question and answer sessions. Reddit Executive Chairman Alexis O'hanian in addition to being the nicest (and coolest) tech entrepreneur on the web has already begun damage control. Ultimately, Kn0thing is probably right, Reddit will outlast Victoria. However, the reddit team will have a lot of work restoring the trust between itself and several key moderators this holiday weekend, and lot only knows what else, before all is restored to status quo antebellum.

Submission + - 10 Rules for Recording the Cops

kraksmoka writes: PhotographyisNotaCrime.com re-released 10 Rules Recording the Cops today because "The First Amendment guarantees us all Freedom of the Press, meaning we have as much as right to to report on and disseminate the news as professional journalists, even if we've never set foot in a newsroom. In fact, it's absolutely crucial that we step up to fill the void left by the mainstream media."

Submission + - NJ Cops Let the Dogs Out, Then Turn on Citizen Journalists

kraksmoka writes: "New Jersey cops killed a man by mauling him with a dog before one cop turned to witnesses who were recording and demanded their phones." Citizen Journalists recorded the incident and sent it to PINAC News as "Cops ordered 32-year-old Philip White to roll over as he lay on his back, his hands covering his face, trying to protect himself from a police dog biting away at his head and face." When will they learn that Photography is Not a Crime?

Submission + - Twitter's Fake Followers Watching IPO Closely

kraksmoka writes: Is your social media pro "making it go viral" by pressing a button instead of interacting with a real audience? "There's a dark secret amongst social media pros, and you're not going to like this. The purchase and use of fake followers by small to mid-sized social media agencies is rising as a "black hat" tactic on Twitter, which released its IPO on Wall Street today." Article details two major services available to sleuth your social media salesmen.

Submission + - Time for Miami to Just Say No to Walmart (huffingtonpost.com)

kraksmoka writes: "One hactivist with an online petition at www.nowalmartinmidtown.com and 3000 signatures turned into an all out campaign to fight the world's largest retailer. Hactivist local Grant Stern highlights a classic example of local corruption in the face of corporate money: "More than a year after plans were announced, Walmart still cannot fit an oversized Super Center store into Midtown Miami by design, hook or crook. Two complete sets of plans have been delivered to the City of Miami, but neither follows local design standards. I suppose deeming the Walmart plan for Midtown a failure for having supplied two complete sets of non-compliant plans would be a private sector idea.""

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