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Comment Re:Should hit my monthly cap in 1/3 of a second (Score 1) 53

That's because the 5G service isn't for you.

It's for the carriers. Along with the added bandwidth comes added capacity - especially if it cannot be exploited by the customers due to data caps.

Your requests just get on/off the network faster leaving space for another user to do the same.

Comment Re: Simpleish (Score 1) 249

I never saw a DisplayWriter.

I could have sworn there was a commercial attachment/accessory for the Selectric that turned it into a normal printer. This was around the time where the daisy-wheel typewriters hit the consumer scene (Olivetti and Smith Corona had ball typewriters for a while too) and a considerable amount of them also had Centronics interfaces available as attachments.

Nothing beats the Selectric. Much faster than a daisywheel, and they had that lovely mechanical staccato sound that was music to the ears. The sheer number of them that are still out there (and working) is incredible.

Comment Use an escalator or have people sit in chairs (Score 1) 184

Use a wheelchair to wizz them around on a conveyance system. Then hand them a science book and tell them to GTFO. Don't forget, charge them money too. That's always a good way to thin the the crowd. Start charging a fee .. when the Saudis run out of oil it will happen. Then you could have some rock star throw concert on top of the rock. But anyway not to distract from my idea of having the crowd sit in open air train carriages or wheelchairs as they are automatically taken on their pilgrimage. Yes it means they might get fat but remember these are psychos who believe in religion -- fat is the least of their problems.

Comment Re:Google had a chance . . . (Score 1) 191

I only pointed out a counter example to an earlier post. I'm not on a mission to convert Android users or get into a pissing match - the choice of OS in this case is just a matter of personal taste.

It's like arguing over speakers. Specs are good and all that, but the best choice ultimately is what sounds good to the buyer.

Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 1) 662

Since I posted those two examples, another article came up with this very topic. I feel it was rather inflammatory and brings up left-right politics, but it does bring up some points:

How Ahmed’s clock became a false, convenient tale of racism

and another:

Suspicious Pop-Tart guns versus scientific suitcase clocks

In here is the white kid who was expelled for biting aPop-Tart into an "L" shape and expelled for bringing a gun to school. Another was pointing a finger and saying "bang". Yet another I recall was kicked out for saying "bless you" to a student that sneezed.

After all these examples, I think rather than point out the treatment white vs. minority kids get, I think the system as a whole needs a good enema.

Comment Re:And by emergency they mean (Score 1) 48

You got it. There has been hardly any wage increases. Shortages always lead to higher prices. If there are no higher prices, the shortage is a lie.

Whats the rate of growth for salaries? A good rule of thumb is that there isn't' a shortage until nominal prices have doubled.

Comment Re:What's Good for Microsoft is Good for K-12 Scho (Score 1) 48

"We need talent [venturebeat.com], we need it now, and we simply cannot find enough."

What they mean is:

We need talent [at a wage we are willing to pay], we need it now [but not so much that we are willing to train people, and spend the time and effort developing corporate training of people with aptitude], and we simply cannot find enough [who are willing to move to our area, fund their own skills development, accept a mediocre wage, put in longer than normal hours, have a lower than average quality of living, and do things which are pretty unimportant].

The reality is that there are plenty of people with talent, they are just working in areas of the country where the economics are better, where they don't have to live like paupers, and they don't have to deal with megalomaniacal personalities like the people running Facebook, Microsoft, and Google.

These are just not good places to work. They are not paying enough to entice otherwise talented people to upset their lives, move to an overpriced bubble driven real estate market, and try to put up with these quacks untested, new age, assine management techniques.

The word is out out about these tech giants.

Microsoft - guess what - you have a toxic culture where co-workers have incentive to back stab and dethrone managers, in order to "make the cut" each year? Why would I move out to a very pricey area and give up superior pay, superior work-life balance, and superior education opportunities for my kids, just so I can be stabbed in the back, shuffled around, re-org'ed, and eventually laid off because I don't have whatever latest skill you want and you aren't willing to invest in workforce development? All for 90k a year starting salary? Pass.

Facebook - why would I want to move to one of the most insanely expensive places in the country to work, ride a bus to work each day, be locked up inside your campus for "free lunches", be part of data mining, spamming, and exploiting users personal habits, relationships, and preferences for money. It's not revolutionary, it's not hip, it's not cool. All for about 95k a year starting salary? Pass.

Google - why would I want to work for the new evil empire, single handily expanding a dark shadow of data collection and kowtowing to authoritarian powers worldwide in order to sell shitty text ads to users, all the while locking out competition and blocking users from knowing whats really going on? Why answer to two silver-spoon billionaires who have delusions of importance for a starting salary of under 100k a year, while moving to yet another bubble driven real estate empire and being forced once again to ride a shitty bus to campus? So I can redirect funds from one or two profitable lines of business into trying to find the next hot thing which won't do anything important or lasting for mankind? Pass.

The problem is not a lack of a talent. It's a lack of talent who wants to work for these shitty companies, doing insignificant projects that will probably never see the light of day, while paying too much to live and having to answer to people who are convinced they are doing something special.

Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 1) 662

May I ask what years you did this?

I had no trouble myself, but I went to school in the 80's. The environment in the schools now is totally different than what I remember.

I already gave one example of a non-muslim running into trouble with a science project. And here's another: MIT Sophomore Arrested at Logan For Wearing LED Device

Comment Re:I liked the cartoon that read: (Score 1) 662

To anyone that opened it, it would look like a box of electronic junk and wires. Yes, there's a huge red display, but LED alarm clocks do not turn on their display when they are not plugged into AC power. The 9V battery is just to run the clock and alarm circuit. There were no ominous huge red numbers counting down when they opened the box.

It was nothing like this alarm clock.