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Comment: OS/2 was great (Score 1) 875

by krakround (#29457089) Attached to: Old Operating Systems Never Die
Given the options at the time, windows 3.10 (not even 3.11), NT (expensive), solaris (even more expensive), VMS (What, am I made of money?), linux (you HAD to compile your own kernel and use insmod manually), OS/2 was a great way to get 32 bit computing. It was cheap. You could run multiple DOS instances with different memory configurations. It was marketed horribly, windows 3.11 was 'good enough' and windows 95 made it irrelevant for the common user.

Comment: interesting and strange and possibly useful (Score 1) 165

by krakround (#28214449) Attached to: Google Labs Offers Table-Based Search Results
"planets" gives you the results you might expect, but not nine or even eight rows. "english queens" leads off with Edward VII. Poor Edward, I did not truly know ye. On a related note, the above query failed to include Queen Victoria, although I see at the time of posting she now appears in the drop down box. Related queries got Victoria confused with the current Crown Princess of Sweden and Victoria's Secret. A surprisingly complete result is "stargate atlantis characters". I think the way to use this is to not consider the initial result definitive, but as a starting point that can be refined.

Comment: brilliant. where's my credit card? (Score 1) 50

by krakround (#28046877) Attached to: Sony Pondering Downloadable Game Rental Service For the PSP
I would sign up for this. Most games I play have little to no replay value, such as RPGs, action/adventure. Even Loco Roco I thought I would go back to, but I don't. For me game rental is cheaper per game and per unit time. The download bit is even better since the main disadvantage with Gamefly is availability and the real mail round trip.

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