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Comment These is what should be used. (Score 1) 136

Waterproof, The Coast Guard definition is found in 46 CFR 110.15-1(b)19, which states that a "Waterproof machine means a totally enclosed machine so constructed that a stream of water from a hose with a nozzle one inch in diameter that delivers at least 65 gallons per minute can be played on the machine from any direction from a distance of about 10 feet for a period of not less than 5 minutes without leakage..."

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Some work in jobs where getting laid off is a seasonal occurrence. Mariners on the great lakes, construction, mining, farming and tourist related jobs are just some of many where there are regular lay-offs. And I have worked a few of those that had scheduled lay-offs. They are not bad, if you plan and save for the lay-off. Knowing when and how long the lay-off will be helps.

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