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Comment Not quite the correct question (Score 1) 179

Some work in jobs where getting laid off is a seasonal occurrence. Mariners on the great lakes, construction, mining, farming and tourist related jobs are just some of many where there are regular lay-offs. And I have worked a few of those that had scheduled lay-offs. They are not bad, if you plan and save for the lay-off. Knowing when and how long the lay-off will be helps.

Comment energy needed (Score 2) 167

All the laser has to do is slow the junk down, just shining the object with the laser will impart a force which will cause a slowing of momentum. Once momentum of the object has slowed below orbital speed, it should fall towards earth and burn up in the atmosphere. Tracking should not be that hard as radar aimed weapons have been around for many years. How much energy and for how long to illuminate is up to the designers.

Comment Defense for hypersonic (Score 2) 290

The development of non-ballistic hypersonic weapons is one of the reasons that the U.S. is heavy into making the laser weapons functional, affordable and usable. Something like the one on the USS Ponce, maybe not that one but the next generation of the weapon. Now, defense against something like Pournelle and Nivien's project Thor is another story.

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