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Comment: overload (Score 1) 301

by kqc7011 (#48363597) Attached to: Police Body Cam Privacy Exploitation
Let them have the video, but with the condition that they live stream every hour of the video starting from the first minute to the last minute of the first video and then the first minute to the last minute of the second video and on and on. No editing allowed. If there is identifying information that would be shown, go to a black screen until the information is no longer on the video. If the officer working at a computer, black screen again. "Police Video Requests." should have to post a bond to be paid to paid to anyone who's information is shown on the video.

Comment: rules (Score 1) 238

by kqc7011 (#47091527) Attached to: Official MPG Figures Unrealistic, Says UK Auto Magazine
The manufacturers are following the rules that the governments set. It is not the manufacturers fault if they get different results then what the customers get. If you ran your car on the same loop the same way that the manufacturers do you would get right around the milage that they do. Of course they are gaming the system, but they are taking advantage of every little thing that they can. Me, I get quite a bit more MPG than listed on my motorcycle and a little less in the car. But in the winter the cars milage drops way below what is listed especially around town.

Comment: motors (Score 1) 432

by kqc7011 (#47087849) Attached to: Has the Ethanol Threat Manifested In the US?
One of the bigger problems with ethanol is with smaller engines, basically any engine that is not moving people. Use ethanol free premium with a stabilizer in any engine you fill up out of a can. Most motorcycles too. My motorcycle is supposed to be able to take 10% ethanol, but I will only put that in if I cannot make it to a gas station that sells ethanol free premium.

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