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Comment: Re:Who didn't see that coming? (Score 1) 535

by korpenkraxar (#44744457) Attached to: Official: Microsoft To Acquire Nokia Devices and Services Business
Yet generally, I do not seem to suffer from bad battery life or memory management issues on my N9 compared to the Android phones I have. Could it be that running closer to the silicon with C, C++ and Qt apps compared to Android's virtual machine compensates for some of that putative running-in-the-background inefficiency? The main exception though which may prove your point to some extent is going online with the chat accounts. That compared to everything else on the N9 seems to drain the battery fairly fast, presumably by keeping cellular network connections alive.

Comment: Re:Who didn't see that coming? (Score 1) 535

by korpenkraxar (#44744217) Attached to: Official: Microsoft To Acquire Nokia Devices and Services Business
Happy N9 owner here since it launched in Sweden, although I also use a Galaxy Nexus running Paranoid Android now and then. Both OSes have their respective strengths but as for multitasking, MeeGo on the N9 wins hands down. Swiping away the app to the side moves you out of it, swiping down closes it. Side swiping while in the launcher moves you between its three modes (notifications, app icons and minimized windows). All of the movements are accompanied by (mostly) smooth animations that enhance the effect. The spatial GUI is simple, easy to learn, efficient and highly addictive. Going from the N9 back to Android is like switching from quill pen and paper to hammer and rock.

Comment: Re:Finally someone who gets the real issue (Score 1) 50

by korpenkraxar (#40454469) Attached to: The Google Transparency Project Transparency Project
Activist/user-controlled decentralised ad-hoc wifi networks that sidesteps ISPs to relay information across borders may be an option but the broadcast signals of such a network will quickly give it away if someone looks for wifi activity. Yeah, film rolls or memory cards hidden way up the a** probably offer better bandwith and stealth...

Comment: Re:3 Words (Score 1) 409

by korpenkraxar (#40085441) Attached to: Sci-fi Writer Elizabeth Moon Believes Everyone Should Be Chipped
Perhaps then it is also time to mandate DRM+CHIP+NFC style weapons that can only be fired by a particular soldier and not by others (thereby limiting the black market for weapons) and only fired at other identified combatants (thereby limiting civilan casualties). I heared Pie Sky Arms Corp is working on such guns...

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