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Firefox To Be Renamed In Debian 625

Viraptor writes, "Debian is ready to change the name of Firefox in its distributions, beginning with Etch. They say it can be done within a week. The reasons stem from Mozilla's recent insistence on trademark fidelity and its preferences regarding Firefox patches. Debian doesn't want to accept the original trademarked fox & globe logo; they don't see it as really 'free' to use. On the other hand, Mozilla doesn't want Firefox distributed under that name if it lacks the logo. Mozilla also wants Debian patches to be submitted to them before distribution, and claims that's what others (Red Hat and Novell) are already doing. But some believe development and releases will slow down if distribution-specific patches have to be checked and accepted first. We will surely see more clashes between copyright claims and 'really free' distros such as Debian. Ubuntu is also asking similar questions." No word yet what the new name will be or what the logo will look like.

Should Servers be Mono-Process or Multithreaded? 96

An anonymous reader wonders: "How would you design the fastest possible Linux-based server application today? A few years ago, the thinking was that multi-threading was not the way to go — instead, high-performance servers used an event-driven, mono-process model (consider lighttpd and haproxy). However, things have changed. Today CPUs have dual cores, and over the next few years this is only likely to increase. Also, the 2.6 Linux kernel has made multi-threading much more efficient. So I'm wondering, does Slashdot think that modern high performance server software should be designed to be multi-threaded, or does it still make more sense to use an event driven, mono-process architecture, despite the advances in the Linux 2.6 threading and the arrival of multi-core CPUs?"

Possible Early Release for the Nintendo Wii 97

ForensicPenguin writes "CNN has an update on a possible early release for the Nintendo Wii console. From the article: 'While Nintendo has not made any formal announcements about the launch date for the Wii, most of the industry has expected the machine to hit retail at approximately the same time as Sony's PlayStation 3 (which is set for November 17). Now, industry observers — and insiders — say they expect the system to be available in October, with late September a dark-horse candidate.'"

Comment Ubuntu rocks (Score 5, Informative) 474

Download the torrent

New stuff include

  • Gnome 2.10.1, which makes the desktop a lot faster than before
  • X.org
  • Simplified update- and package management
  • Much faster boot process
  • Better laptop support (ie suspending, hibernating, processor frequency scaling)
  • Kickstart support for automated largescale installations
  • Live CD and Install CD both use the new debian installer infrastructure
  • UTF-8 by default
  • A program for collecting information about what hardware works and what doesn't
  • Kubuntu - complete KDE 3.4 based version of Ubuntu

Stuff people are going to bitch about

  • No graphical installer. The current installer is extremely simple and has been streamlined even further in this release. A graphical installer is planned for the next version (Breezy Badger).
  • No menu editor installed. One can always edit the files by hand, or install kmenu or something similar for gnome. The official gnome menu editor just didn't finish in time.
  • No DivX or MP3 support. These are simple to add though and anyone coming from debian will probably already know of the Marillat repositories. Just look at the instructions in the wiki or use Hoary After-Install helper or another script to do the dirty work for you.

OSDir has published a lot of screenshots of Ubuntu.

Oh and if you are interested to know if your laptop or other piece of hardware is supported, some info can be found in the wiki on the Hardware support-page

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